Aug 7, 2010

Demon has many faces.


Another sin look is done, this time it's Pride:

I wasn't sure should I call this one greed instead of pride, but I went with pride because of the full face pic. I though it looks more pride than greedy.

Then some of my new babies, first Too Faced Galaxy Glam shadows.

I've been drooling over these for a while, and now I finally bought these from Bridgette's Boutique. Shipping too almost a month, so I was worried that the whole package was gone lost, but now it finally arrived yesterday.

Deep Space:

Moon Beam:


I love them.

Deep Space reminds me of MAC Blue Flame and Nars Night Flight, but it's still awesome deep, dark blue. And Moon Beam is just mind blowing. So dark, but still green <3

Then I got generous samples of MAC Partylicious and If It Sparkles.. pigments from Alice + olivia collection. Hopefully I'll get a sample of Later too :

Swatches (Partylicious isn't maybe that light and bright IRL):
But are great quality, as MAC's pigments tend to be. I can't wait to try Partylicious over dark base!

Then I mentioned yesterday, that I bought two Make Up Store eyedusts too,  Demon and Moist.

Here are swatches:
I love Demon. It's really cool shade, weird mix of silver, green and taupe.
Moist is quite basic teal.

Finally my today's look with MAC Partylicious, MUS Demon and MAC If It Sparkles.. :


  1. Those first two swatches are /stunning/. I need to get me some of that, really. Great look! So creative.

  2. Gorgeous looks as always!

  3. very cute shadows and the sin picture amazing

  4. nothing else to say buy stunning :)

  5. Wow! That pride look is amazing!

  6. Where did you get those lashes? Loove them!

  7. hell - that's cool. you can be very proud of pride. :D

  8. i'd like to know what lashes you're using too!
    looks so pretty

  9. Hehe, the last pic looks like there's bubbles in your eyes. ^^

    Really cool shades, and the makeup is very pretty and girly!

  10. i so love the pride look you did and also the last look of yours.. you're just amazing :)

  11. Hello gorgeous!
    Siempreeeee follow you, I love you hallucinate if not with your looks!
    They are great, I think a make-up Diva!
    It is the first time you comment, I'm from Spain!

    A big hug and continues like this!

  12. The Pride look is amazing. I love how creative your looks are.

  13. I'm in love with the blue look. I recreated it today =)

  14. WOW! Those lashes are like DANG! They are sooo long!

  15. Holy crap those lashes in the first look are EPIC :D and Partylicious pigment looks so pretty

  16. Wow! The lashes are amazing! x

  17. those lashes are crazy! :)

    OMG i love the too faced eyeshadows, that green one...*drewls*.
    I should put that one on my wishlist for my bday...


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