Aug 7, 2010



I did wrath yesterday, and it didn't come out pretty:

It was my intention actually, to make it look chaotic and ugly, because that's what wrath is, isn't it? It' never too pretty.

So, this may not be my best makeup work, but I guess it tells the point.

Then my recent goodies!

I though my order from Bridgette's Boutique had gone lost, but it arrived today, and I got Too Faced Galaxy Glam shadows in Deep Space and Moon Beam, and Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara:
More about these hopefully during the weekend.

MUFE Diamond Shadow #304, MUFE #92, MUFE Blush #48, MUFE eyeliner #21, Sculpting kit #1:
I finally got the legendary #92 :D I'll write more about these during the weekend!

 MAC Partylicious and If It Sparkles... pigments from Alice + Olivia collection:

Huge bunch of Michael Todd cosmetics:
I'm going to make a review of them to MakeupGeek website as soon I find the time, so stay tuned.

Then 2 eyedusts and sport foundation from Make Up Store:

Sandstone soap and Stepping Stone foot scrub from Lush:

Then I went and bought all Gosh On Stage Cool Lip Jams that were available:

And here's swatches of them:

Of course, they are not that pigmented on lips, they are glosses after all. But really pretty shades they are! Not speaking Yoda I am!
They seem to last longer on lips that any other of my lip glosses, and they smell like fruity bubblegum <3

Phew :D Huge bunch of stuff!

Then to recent looks.

Yesterday's look:

 MUFE Aqua cream #10
Sugarpill Goldilux
MAC Handwritten

And my today's makeup:

Michael Todd Long Wear Cream Shadow in Michael Todd
Michael Todd Mineral Eyeshadow in Shark Key
MUFE #92

I guess that's it :D


  1. i loooooove sandstone soap from lush!

  2. Absolutely love your haul! :D

  3. wow ur a great makeup artist, so talented

  4. I was interested in Michael Todd, until I realized they were extremely overpriced private label cosmetics in prettier packaging. Bummer. :( I love the packaging though.

  5. Wow!! Great hauls you have there..I love all your FOTD look..

  6. Your new hair is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  7. Your new haircut is VERY PRETTY. And you're pretty much the rolemodel for all my makeup-experiments, you're awesome.

    Thank you ! :D

  8. Well, I think make-up isn't always meant to be 'pretty' in the usual way! You did a great job, as always :)

  9. The look with the bright red ("yesterdays look") is really fab. Love it!


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