Jun 5, 2010

Tutorial: Gold with Diamonds


It's tutorial time!

I've had a LOT of requests to do a tutorial of this old look:

The look I made today is a bit different, I used different shinestones, and only in two row, and on the old version I had black on my lower lashline, not on my waterline. I also had individual lashes then, not complate falsies.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough round rhinestones for this look, so I made it with square ones. You can change them to round ones if you want.

I'm also sorry that the square rhinestones in my look are not in "order", but I really just wanted to get this tutorial to get done finally :D

But anyway, here's what you need:

Gold Gel Liner
NYX Pearl Mania Yellow Gold Pearl
NYX Pearl Mania Nude Pearl
Golden cosmetic glitter
Black liquid eyeliner
Tiny rhinestones
false lashes
(Black gel liner)

So here we go:

Start with adding golden gel liner (I got mine from MakeupGeekStore) as a base:

Then add NYX Pearl Mania Golden Yellow Pearl on top of gel liner:

Then NYX Pearl Mania Nude Pearl to highlight and blending colors together:

Then take a small drop of lash glue, I put on the lid of a small jar. You don't want to take too much, so really small amount is enough for the start:

Take a small brush, kind of you can dip into glue (so don't take you favourite brush!) I used a nail brish, which I hardly ever use:

Add a small drop of glue on your lid:

Then use the same brush to take a rhinestone ( it should be still sticky after the glue dipping):

..and add the rhinestone to your lid:

Repeat she previous steps.. :

..as many times as you want:

Then the liner. You can line your eye before the rhinestones, if that works for you better. I think liquid liner is the best for this job, 'cos you can get a super thin line with it:

And some black liner to your water line too, preferably only to midway of your waterline:

Then add some gold gel liner to your lower lashline if you want, and finally add mascara, and the look is ready!

Then you can add false lashes:

And some photoshopping to make a striking photo:

That's all!


  1. Beautiful!! I love gold looks, and this one made me make my first Makeup Geek Store purchase to snag that liner and NYX Nude (a store here sells NYX but these babies are 3x cheaper online)

  2. Gorgeous look! Thank you for the tutorial

  3. this looks amazing hun i need to try this out im always doing crazy wacky looks but this is definatly on my to do list!

  4. Beautiful. Most people wouldn't wear this out as the rhinestones are 'dramatic' for every day, but I would definitely wear this out. It's gorgeous!

  5. jealous... ihave no lids means no diamonds for me! :( i'll have to compromise and fit them in some how :p
    thanks for the tutorial

  6. WOW!!! awesome.. thank you so much for the lovely tutorial :D you are amazing.. i love your blog :)

  7. Wauw that is so awesome! I love it :D
    I don't think I could wear this but I love the gold with diamonds, very creative!

  8. This is so pretty, I can hardly stand it! I love it!


  9. This is such a fun look :D the golds are gorgeous! And I love them even more because they're NYX <3

  10. Jostain syystä tämä uudempi versio näyttää paremmalta, tiedä sitten johtuuko se juurikin noista neliskulmaisista timanteista ja niiden epäsymmetrisyydestä. Joka tapauksessa, tykkään kovasti, ja tuo shopattu kuva on aivan upea! ^^

  11. Great tutorial! Love the look, gold and rhinestones, could it be better? :P

  12. I really like when you show all produts you need, on the first photo...
    And gold is magic ;-)

  13. WOOOOOW, that's so beautiful! <3<3

  14. i am so impressed of the idea of putting rhinestone on the lid. it's super extravagant and i want to try it too.. thanks for the tutorial =)

  15. Niceeeeeee i wish my kotly gazowe have that makeup
    btw by wife ;)


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