Jun 7, 2010

Forged Handwritten Portals

Hello sweeties!

This will be a quick update of my recent looks.

First my today's makeup, with MAC Metal- X Forget Rose,MAC Handwritten and MAC Shroom:

I have somekind of "neutral color season" , but  this look had at least bright lips:

Here's my day before yesterday's look with Inglot's #84 Pure Pigment :

(Sorry about the messy brows :S)

And my yesterday's look with MAC Handwritten (I'm in love with that brown!), MAC Shroom and Gosh Glamour effect powder:

Then something a bit wilder.

Some of you may know that I'm also a geek, I'm a girl who plays games, is interested in computers and scifi and movies and stuff like that.

Well I just played a game called Portal, and I loved it.
First Person Shooter puzzle? AWESOME idea. And I fell in love with GLaDOS, the wicked AI in the game. Just listen this superhyperawesome ending song! (warning, may contain spoilers of the game):

But anyway, Portal has these portals (well duh):

 I got this crazy idea to make a look based on the blue and orange and portals:
It didn't came out as I planned, but it'll do :D

Hopefully I'll get back at you tomorrow!


  1. You are just amazing! I'm in love with that last FOTD (before the gaming inspired one). xx


  2. The Handwritten-shroom-Gosh look is just perfection !

    Caro xxx

  3. I adore Portal. Valve is my favorite game producer. That look captures it well :3 they're coming out with Portal 2 soon ahh!
    Oh, If you like first person multiplayers, play TF2. it's so fun and addicting n_n
    nerdy girls for the win<3
    ps: i'm a huge fan of your blog c:

  4. Yessss! Portal is awesome! Beautiful looks, too

  5. I recently played and finished Portal too =) Gawd, that game definitely can get rather frustrating hah.

    The cake is a lie.

  6. Nice looks! The portal look is wicked, not exactly wearable but that's probably not what you were going for ;)
    I really like the inglot look :D

  7. WOW...beautiful as always! the portals one is crazy awesome :)

  8. portal = <3. this idea is stunning and i adore the result, very cool.

    there is no cake. :D

  9. WOW the blue and orange ring makeup AMAZING :)))

  10. I have no words for the portal look :O it's AMAZING. It really does look like a portal!


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