Jun 10, 2010

Still Alive

It's been a lazy week again so I really haven't got the energy to update :P

But here's my day before yesterday's look, made with a BUNCH of different products, ie. Aromaleigh Green Hell, Pure Luxe Pandora, MUFE Starpowder #58 & #20, Inglot pure pigment #84, MAC Deep Blue Green... I can't really remember all :D

And my yesterday's makeup was inspired by machines, especially GLaDOS from Portal:
"You're not even going the right way. Hello? Is anyone there?"

"I'm going to kill you, and all the cake is gone."

"You should have turned left before. It's funny, actually, when you think about it."

"Someday we'll remember this and laugh- and laugh- and laugh- Ohhh Boyyy. Well, You may as well come on back."

And there's no full face shot, 'cos I still think that grays/silvers don't suit me :3

But here's my nails:
ModelsOwn Gray Day (love <3<3) 3D flowers from Ebay.

Then a word about Inglot's under makeup base.
I received a sample of it on my latest Inglot visit, and I finally managed to use it.
It's  a clear primer, and it mattes your skin and makes the skin look softer and more flawless.
Compaired to my HG, MSCHIC's Face Canvas, this was a bit thicker and this wasn't so easy to apply into face.
It really made my skin look matte, and it made my skin feel smoother and look good too, but I still prefer MSCHIC Face Canvas.

And yes yes yes yes, Gaga's new video, Alejandro is finally out!The makeup in the video isn't really inspiring, but all the other stuff is.
So of course I was inspired by everything else, especially the binocular head piece Gaga wears in the beginning of the song.
Here's what happens when I get inspired:
I will do the makeup look from the video too, as soon as I have the time. Maybe with tutorial, if you want?


  1. Gorgeous look especially the 1st one..=)..

  2. The first (green) look is so beautiful, I love the combination with bronze/gold colors you made. The binoculars look fun, lol. The new Gaga video is nice but not as inspiring to me as Telephone was. It's a bit too "Madonna" for me.
    Like the nails!

  3. UGH I wish I had your level of skill!! One day....

  4. That green is amazing (I just love green so much :D)!


  5. Omg, thank you for new Gaga video info!!! It was super hyper extra fantastic, pure wow indeed. I actually was hugely inspired by it, can't wait to get my salary. :D I liked very much that makeup which was worn with headpiece, it looked very extraordinary with black contacts she had.

  6. LOVELY... you are soooooo good.. i so love all your eotds and fotds ^ ^

  7. Oops, a small correction... Gaga didn't have black contacts, it just looked like it at the end of the vid. :D But if she had had them it would have looked nice!

  8. Great looks! LOved the 1st one ;-)

  9. Hay Looks que los hace muy bien,pero otros como el primero,los hace desastrosamente mal,muy mal difuminado y una combinación de colores horrible y espantosa.

  10. Valeuuuuu da ce ratan ai :))))) rat de porc nu gluma fuuugi

  11. Can you please do a tutorial on the first one...i love the color combination and the look!!! Thanks!!!!

  12. Love the sprinkling of glitter and the green waterline in the first look :)

  13. Portal Portal Portal! <3 Aivan ihana meikki, ja mahtavaa huomata että tuostakin pelistä tietää yhtä useampi :D Anyway, this cake is great, it's so delicious and moist!


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