Jun 10, 2010

Tutorial: Alejandro Gaga


16units2go asked me to do my version of Lady Gaga's makeup in her Alejandro video. Here's my look:

And here's the original:
(Dang, I forgot the beauty mark :P)

And I got a tutorial for you too!

You need:

- White Base / Light shimmery base ( I used Inglot gel liner #76 & MAC Still Life paint)
- Light gold-ish eyeshadow ( I used MAC Gold Mode pigment)
- Darker, browner eyeshadow ( Mine was MAC Heritage Rouge pigment)
- White eyeshadow (I used matte white, MAC Gesso, but shimmery white works great too!)
- Black liner (I used MAC Blitz&Glitz)
- Black mascara
(false lashes)

For lips I used MSCHIC Vintage with Revlon red lipgloss.

Here we go:

I based my lid with Inglot's gel liner #76:

I then added MAC Still Life paint over the white base, to create a shimmery, but light base for shadows:

Add MAC Gold Mode pigment from the middle of the lid to outer corner:

Apply MAC Heritage Rouge to outer V:

Then add white shadow (I used MAC Gesso, but you can use shimmer too) to inner corner and highlight:

White liner (I used Inglot's gel eyeliner #76) to waterline:

Then I added a small amount of MAC Shadowy Lady to lower lasline:

Then it's eyeliner's turn, make the line thicker from the middle point, and very thin from inner corner:
(you can actually see the eyeshape changing here :D)

And do a thick wing to outer corner:

And finish the makeup with mascara:

And with MAC #34 lashes (I also added a hint of Shadowy Lady to crease to create a better V-shape):

PS. I finally ordered it:
I'm just soooo excited!
(Sugarpill's Burning Heart palette <3)


  1. I think Gaga looks spectacularly gorgeous in that shot. I thought that as soon as I saw that video. It's such subtle makeup for her I think but it's perfect on her!
    Thanks for the tutorial, fab as always :D

  2. This was absolutely beautiful! Your amazing

  3. Pretty look, like it :)




  4. Your look is so much better than Lady Gaga's!

  5. Stunning, i love the lip colour. And i have the Sugarpill palette and loooove it :D

  6. OMG! You are so beautiful! Thank you for doing the tutorial!!!!!

  7. Nice tutorial, yesterday I wore a look quite a lot like this, also inspired by this look from Gaga. Looks very good on you!
    Good tutorial :)

  8. i love the almost black and white pic!

  9. Gorgeous look.. Really love it..=)..

  10. juan aloso miguel alberto adolfoJune 11, 2010 at 7:05 AM

    Es necesario que tambien use las mismas gilipolleces que la gaga esa?,esta tia no esta bien no

  11. thank you for the tutorial.. lovely ^ ^

  12. Urg... I love what you do, you're very awesome and talented! Really beautiful and you are very fine! Good job! =)

  13. Hi Jangsara!!! I watch out for your blogs everyday from San Diego, CA. I love makeup I just don't like to wear it often. HA HA. Anyways, I love how you do your eyebrows, could you tell me what products you use and how you use them. Thanks

  14. I love it, great tutorial :) I haven`t see this Gaga`s video, must watch it :)

  15. Whoa, you look AWESOME in the full face photos, I actually like your version better than Gaga's :) and yay, I love the Burning Heart palette. I hope you like it! <3

  16. Your version is so much better :D Very nice!


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