Mar 15, 2010

Funky Purple


I'm now really determined to use my Aromaleighs, so I took Colette, Mireille, Funkytown, Hit or Miss and White Wedding, and made this:

This time I used NYX jumbo pencil Purple as a base, and the colors stick quite well, but the staying power isn't the best then.
Oh well, at least the colors are pretty (if you can get them to show).

Anyway, here's more shots:

In straight sunlight:

And full face, I have MAC Lady Gaga on my lips \o/

I got some lovely mail from Marlena today, here's a little sneak peek of the goodies:
I will be doing NYX and MUFE looks for the MUG's Idea Gallery next :D

PPS. I almost died today.
I saw my son taking a bag of candies from the table, and I dashed to stop him. Unfortunately his had set me a trap, Ikea toy, and BOTH of my feet tangled to it, and I made not-so-nice landing straight on the floor.
I have to admit it was really scary experience. :S


  1. Gorgeous look, and very nice package from the US, tee hee.

    I hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell!!

  2. Musing on Beauty, Marlena is such a sweetheart!
    And luckily I just got a couple of bruises, nothing serious.

  3. Wow, your eyes are gorgeous! And that's a beautiful look, love the purples. And sorry to hear about your scary fall! Hope you're ok.

  4. LOVE the look. Purple is my fav color, and I find it so hard to find truly beautiful purple eyeshadows...don't you agree? Really like how you've blended all shadows, plus it looks amazing on your eyes!
    lol hope this look wasn't inspired by your fall :p

  5. Beautiful look! Aromaleigh shadows do not have the best staying power of the indie brands I've tried. I love their colors enough that it's worth it for me though.

  6. Gorgeous! I loooove purple looks! :)

  7. GORGOUS! as usual :D
    I really like how MAC gaga look on you, very different from all other swatches I've seen... now I might actually go to the store and have a look at it!

  8. This is look is so gorgeous, considering you seem unimpressed with the products!

    I havent tried Aromaleigh because I dont care for them, so the lack of staying power is kind of making me want to try them even less >_>


  10. I love Aromaleigh but I agree, some of their products don't stick so well unless you use a primer (and Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, but I use that with every loose eyeshadow...).

  11. I love aromaleigh and almost all the eyeshadows from them that I have work well with my too faced primer. The only ones I have issues with are a couple of the Rocks collection and the pure hues, but the pure hues were just mica and discontinued anyway. My favorite eyeshadows are from the LE collections and the Elemental lustres. You should try one of the elemental lustres ones, they're very pretty.
    I have really oily lids anyway so I can't wear any eyeshadows without primer.
    Anyway, very pretty look~ I love purple, especially this color.


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