Mar 16, 2010

Spring of hearts


Today was sunny day, and I wanted to use my new MUFE #20 Star powder since i think it's really warm and sunny color. I decided to combo it with MAC's Teal and Dark Soul, and as a last touched I added some MAC Melon to the look. And I also "found" thick liners again :D

And full face, and my new hair color :D

Then something complately different.

I originally designed this look (and especially the hat) for MUG's Alice challenge, but the look didn't came up as cool I hoped it would, so I'm perhaps gonna redo this whole idea. Hat is probably not gonna change (I kinda like it that way, thou it was supposed to have a small golden crown, not feathers), but I still have to work with the wig and makeup.
What color wig would my Queen of Hearts have? Do I keep it red, or change it to white, blon or black?

And bad closeup of the eyemakeup, you can see that there's actually a heart in there. And the smudges on the lower lashline are made in purpose, I wanted it look like she had cried black tears or something:

But hey, tomorrow I'm gonna see Burton's Alice in the theater! Hopefully it'll be be good and inspiring *g*


  1. The first look is really stunning! I might try something like that myself too ;)

  2. I love your Queen of Hearts interpretation.

  3. Wow, i love it :))) You're so beautiful!

  4. Positively in love with your Queen of Hearts look :3 I think she'd have a red wig! It might be a bit of red overload, but yeah. Either black or red.

  5. waouuuu!!that's just georgeous!!


  6. Even your "bad" makeup is amazing! I think your Queen of Hearts interpretation was fantastic :)

  7. Oh wow i LOVE both looks. The first one is very fresh and beautiful but the Alice look is so much fun and amazingly applied.

  8. this is my first time to this blog and i just love,love, looooove it! I wish i could do make up like you. You just got a new fan ;)

    I recently started blogging:

    Plz do visit :) I will def come back ^_^

  9. I really like the look! I loved Alice in Wonderland.


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