Mar 25, 2010

Colors strike back


Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I felt horrible.

Plus I started to play Guild Wars again :3

But anyway, back to the point.

Today I started to do my makeup with lipstick, I wanted to do something with RED lips.
I took my NYX Red Head e/s and NYX Cryptonite e/s, and started doing a dark look. Then I noticed, that mixed they look almost purple, and I thought I'd take some Ben Nye Yellow Sun, and some MAC Gesso, and finally I ended up putting some Ben Nye Peacock and Ben Nye Cosmic Blue, and UD Polyester Bride as highlighter :D
Quite a combo :P

But anyway, here's the look:

(this was a bit photoshopped, sorry about that)

And couple full face pics more:
I don't know, I get somekinda Asian vibes from this look, too bad I didn't find our Katana anywhere :/
This also reminds me of Tim Burton's movies somehow.

And my yesterday's look, I wasn'm really in a "makeupmood", so I made a supersimple look with Sleek and UD Bourbon pencil:

Then I have to show my new sweeties, I bought them today. I just loooove the superpale yellow polish! And the middle one is actually really bright deep purple, not that pink that it looks in the pic. And the holographic glitter black one seems really cool too:
And I bought 3 bags of feather too, maybe I'll be using them soon in some of my weird ideas ;D

PS. I won MUG's weekly challenge! Other winner was beautiful SamiGage, check her winner look here:


  1. Uh wow, that first look is really beautiful!

  2. That first look is absolutely brilliant! I love it how all those shades go so well together. Gold purple and ice blue, all in one look.

  3. Loving that look! Great blend of colors! It came out so beautifully!

  4. Hi! You are so creative and so talented in make up! You are often my inspiration. I love that you are Finish because my favorite bands are from Finland (u know HIM, PoisonBlack, Nigtwish, Apo, Negative, Charon etc). LOVE U :*

  5. Nice make up :) Hopefully it will be that colourful outside soon too.

    And congrats here on MUG win!

  6. Awesome make up look : I can't believe mixing so many colors can look so good ! Congrats on your win on the MUG contest ...It's well desserved !

    Caro xxx

  7. I'm definitely feeling the asian vibe on the first look :) you look like you should be on the streets of Harajuku or something

  8. You totally rock the white hair, very few people can but it looks awesome on you. x

  9. You shouldn't apologize for really should photoshop more, since your pictures are about half a stop underexposured.

  10. Hi!
    Could you please tell where you bought the feathers?
    I'm looking for some feathers of this kind, but I've only found "peacock feathers".
    Thank you!


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