Mar 23, 2010

Sleek Pandamonium Trance

Hello everyone!

Today's post has two looks, Sleek Original, Safari and Sunset palette swatches, and MAC Pandamonium palette swatches.



So I'll start with my yesterday's look, I wanted to try if Violet Trance really was so bad as I've heard.
Well, it mostly is. Sure the color is awesome, but it's REALLY hard to work with.

But anyway, here's the look:

MAC Painterly paint pot 
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
MAC Violet Trance (lid, blended upwards)
MAC Cloudbound (highlight)
Deep Plum gel liner from MakeupGeeks Store (upper lashline, waterline)
MAC #34 lashes
Make Up Store Virgo glitter

But how about the Pandamonium palette then?

I actually bought it just because of the Violet Trance, but there is also 3 other shadows.
They are :

Cloudbound / Up At Dawn
Violet Trance/ Pandamonium

Cloudbound is AMAZING white gold, this is AWESOME for highlight. I love it!
Up At Dawn is kinda similar with Seedy Pearl, except that Up At Dawn is more lilac than Seedy Pearl which is more pink.
Violet Trance is, like said, very hard to work with. It isn't very pigmented, and it's really hard get color out of it. It has the same problem as MAC's Full Force Violet pigment. Sure it sticks better with ie. NYX jumbo pencil, but that technique is problematic too: if you apply it over NYX Milk, it changes color. It kinda gets "wet", and the color darkens a lot. You then have to try to add a dry layer over it.
Pandamonium is really pretty metal grey with silver sparkles. Really close dupe to UD's Gun Metal.

Over all, I think it's a great palette, even though Violet Trance isn't very good, but it's still awesome color.

Then my Sleeks.

I've heard so much good from these, that I just had to try them.
And when  Elle In Wonderland had a blogsale with 3 Sleek palette, I know my chance had come.

So I got the MAC palette, and Sleek Original, Safari and Sunset.

Before I say anything else, I wanna say that I've probably never seen eyeshadows that would be as pigmented as Sleek's.
Really the pigmentation is amazing.

So here are the palettes:

The Original:



And swatches:

The Original:



 Not only the colors are really pigmented, they are also really pretty. My favourite is Sunset, I just LOOOOOVE the red and orange from it. They are seriously amazing.
Also, they all have black shadow, so you basicly have all eyeshadows you need in one palette. Except that Sunset hasn't got a decent highlighter. :/
But anyway.

AND good news for people outside UK!
Sleek now ships worldwide! Check their webstore at: !

I sure checked their site, and now I have their Bohemian palette, as well as the Acid palette on the way:

Can't wait for them to arrive!

But then to my today's look.

I wanted to use both Pandamonium and Sleek Sunset, so I came up with this:

Going gothic:

Not so gothic:

It's really a combination of everything :D

MAC Blackground paint pot (lid)
MAC Pandamonium e/s (lid)
Sleek Sunset orange, red & yellow
Sleek Safari white (highlight, lower lashline)
MakeupGeek Store 24k gel liner (waterline)
Gosh extreme art eyeliner #16 (upper lashline)
Sleek sunset golden (upper lashline)
Grimas false lashes

Oh well. I guess that's all again. Check out also my MSCHIC blog, there's couple of pics about shading your face!


  1. I'm loving the primary colors of the sleeks and I'm about to order. About how large are the cases? Price seems too good to be true.

  2. crotchfairy, palettes were smaller than I thought, they are about 14cm x 7,5cm (~5,5inch x 3 inches). But I think they are way worth the price!

  3. I adore Sleek, although unfortunately, I don't suit heavy pigmentation as on me it just looks garish. You've made some gorgeous looks with it!

    Sleek is designed for darker skin-tones, think Indian or African, which suit beautiful, vibrant colours.

  4. I love the purple look <3 And the colour in the Safari Palette are awesome.

  5. I got the Original palette and I love it. Can't wait to get some more!

  6. I like my Sleek palettes but I find the eyeshadows not to be longlasting on me, even with UDPP - but they're gorgeous nevertheless.

    By the way, I found a website that sells Sleek and ships to everywhere in Europe for a very reasonable price, if you're interested, just holler at me ;-)

  7. Dang. I tried the second look cuz I fell in love with it, and I used the Alice in Wonderland BS III palette, and the Manly 120. It didn't turn out ANYTHING like yours but I think it still looks cool... heh... I'm gonna have to try it again

  8. Wow, even though Violet Trance doesn't work that well, you definitely made it work!! What is the colour on your lips in the Violet Trance look?

  9. Gosh, u r SO talented! I really hope you get the recognition you deserve! I don't get the time to read all your blogs but your photos are enough to just wake me! :) Thanks so much! Each & every look of yours is so unique! No idea if Violet trance is difficult to blend - your pictures make it look like each look was a breeze for you :) Sorry for the long post - I always want to comment every post but don't get the time. Thanks for the lovely looks!

  10. I "stalk" your blog daily lol. your work is always beautiful and a real work of art! I'm interested in purchasing the Sleek palettes now that they deliver world wide but can't decide which one! would like to know if some colors repeat from one palette to other or which you will recommend to get first? thanks for any help

  11. I really love the purple look you did, though good to know those colors aren't easy to work with.

  12. Congrats on the MUG contest!!!! :D

  13. Oooh whats the lip colour you're wearing in the purple look?

    I love the double wings on the reddish look, and I LOVE how bright that red is in the Sunset Palette

  14. kiroan kyllä sen aasinsillan jonka kautta blogiisi eksyin.. en pääse täältä irti ja koko aika vaan ihanempia meikkejä postaus postaukselta ;__; <3 eli siis ääretöntä rakkautta täältäsuunnsta blogiasi kohtaan! ite tykkään kovasti kanssa meikeillä leikkiä mutta en oo kyllän mitenkääppäi näin taitava ku teikä :3

  15. really cool makeup tips to try on my sister and on myself, thank you so much I like your blog, it is very useful for my since I am not an attractive girl as other girls of my age are


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