Oct 19, 2009

Gnaap gnaap!

I've been a bit busy creating and uploading grapicsto the website we're working currently. Hopefully there's finally light at end of the tunnel, and everything seems to look good. I don't know about the functionality though, I only worry about the looks :D

But anyway, I had to LOTD's today. First I wanted something quite neutral and toned down.
I used my NYX Pearl Mania's (Fanta, Sky Pink, Hazelnut and Nude) to create this one:


  Then later I found this MAC facechart:

I think it's from MAC Matel Urge collection?

Anyway, I found it stunning, so I tried to re-create it. I didn't quite succeed, but I didn't have much time to think what I was doing :D
For that I used MAC Cocomotion pigment, Mschic Mineral Black, MAC Off The Page e/s, Mineralissima Bloody Ruby, MAC Cranberry e/s and MAC Polished Ivory pigment.

I might actually try something similar some other time, this was kinda nice.

Then I made an order to Pure Luxe:
The Pandora e/s and flash cubes are full sizes (well, 5g) and everything else sample sized.  I'm so excited! :D Then I'm waiting my small Mschic order to arrive... and... umm.. I'm getting couple nail polishes and (hopefully) MAC Reflects Transparent Teal. And maybe something else too ;)

But I guess that's it this time, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with reviews (and swatches) of my new stuff!

Ps. Oh,  and Revlon Colorstay Overtime Sheer  in Sheer Naked isn't that awesome.


  1. Wow!!..is there any look you can't create??
    You are sooo talented..I always look forward to your next pix!

  2. I love every single one of your looks. Oh and I like your wigs too. Where can I get some cool wigs like those?


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