Oct 18, 2009

First snow

I love my LOTD!

I saw somewhere a combo using teal, blac and green, and I just HAD to try it!

  • MAC Moss Scape p/p
  • Pure Luxe Pandora e/s
  • Mschic Mineral Black e/s
  • Gosh Aquatic effect power 
  • Gosh Glamour effect powder
  • SMH Bee's Knees e/s
I guess the second picture shows the colors best. I think it's amazing combo <3

Oh, and I bought three amazing nail polishes yesterday!

I fell in love with L´oreal Resist & Shine Glossy Blacks. I bought :

Black Turquoise:

And Black Purple:

And OPI ds Desire holographic nail laquer:

I love them <3


  1. :OOO I love that black turquoise! And the purple looks awesome as well ;___;

    In another note, what is your favourite green colour atm? :) You have alot of different greens, easy to notive :P So what's the awesomest, so said :P

  2. There's also black red and magenta one, and and.. :D They really are gorgeus!

    And my favourite green... That's a tought one.
    But I'll think i'd have to say Pure Luxe Pandora. I like my Mineralissima Blackstar Green, and I like MAC Kelly Green, and SMH Fresh is amazing, but Pandora is the best GREEN I have *g*

  3. ooo i have to try those Loreal polishes, they look great!

  4. Love your looks!
    You're an artist!! :)

    Kisses from Spain! ;*****


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