May 17, 2012

Tutorial: I, Doll-eyes.

The doll look is been a big thing lately, so I decided to try it too. This is a bit older tutorial, which I did a while ago and just forgot I even made it.

Aside from Bambi Princess Mimi Apple Green contacts
I used:
Makeup Geek Mocha (darkest brown), 
Makeup Geek Latte (lighter blending color) 
Makeup Geek Shimma shimma (inner corner & highlight)
Black pencil liner
Two pairs of cheap upper lashes from ebay
half of lower lashes from kkcenter

First apply the primer, then the shadows - personally I don't think it matters how you apply it, as long it's applied a bit more around the eyes than usually. Blend it a bit lower and farther than usually. Also use light (shimmery) highlighter for under the brow and inner corner.

Next step is the liner. Make your eye look rounder by keeping the line thin on both inner and outer corner, and thicker in the middle of the lid.
For the lower lashline, if you want to make your eye look bigger you can leave a small gap between the lashline and liner.

Finally the falsies, I used two pairs of lashes per eye to create an illusion of massive lashes. I don't think there's much difference which lashes you use, as long as they are remotely thick and quite long. 
For the lower lashline I used basic lower false lashes cut in half, applied a bit lower than you would normally attach lower lashes, to create the illusion of the bigger eyes. 
If you want, you can also line your waterline either with white or nude color to enhance the size of the eye even more.

Then you just open your eyes wiiiiide:

Add a wig and cute face:

I added some light and contrast to one pic:

 And here's Jangsara, age 26 (27 in a week!) :D


  1. A real little doll!
    I love it!

  2. awwh dolly eyes... how cute are they .. must try it.. looks great! x Marina

  3. to make more plastik and doll look I would use white crayon on the water line, but your look is very nice, doll look which it is possible to wear every day ;] nice lashes!!!!so dramatic and soft at the same time :)

  4. wow, i love the dolly look on you! so cute

  5. woow i am always left speechless after seeing your posts! your makeup is flawless..literally! keep up the good work. you are an inspiration :)

  6. Love this look! And so wearable without the lashes :) x

  7. so cuteeeeeee I'm gonna try this one! xx

  8. Your talent is so awesome! I enjoy every look you do:) quick question though, where do you get the lower lashes? I can't seem to find them anywhere.

  9. i love the contacts and the effect they create!!!

  10. very nice!

    no photoshop used here to get the eyes rounder?
    well done!!


  11. love it love it love it

  12. Haha, that's so funny! You made it perfectly! :-)
    ...oh, wait a minute - you said 26 (27)? That's impossible, you must be maximum 13!

  13. Very nice! I love the eye color against the wig. Makes for a great effect.

  14. This is an AWESOME tutorial! I've had a doll-themed Halloween costume in my head for years, and this makeup tutorial would be PERFECT for it! :D

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  17. Awww, this totally rock~! This halloween doll makeup freaked me out, so great makeup. Thanks for sharing as I've been looking for some creepy halloween makeup ideas that I will use this year. you just gave me an idea. Cheers and more power!

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