Apr 13, 2012

11 Effie Trinkets

I got tagged to do this by extremely talented Unique Desire (go check her out!).
Each tagged person must answer the 11 questions given to them by their “tagger” and post it on their blog.
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Because I'm a bad person, I'm not gonna tag anyone, but if someone wants to copy this to their blog, feel free to do so!
  1. What Sparked your interest in Makeup and what made you decide to start blogging?
    I guess my original spark for doing makeup came from my mom, who's makeup application I could have watched for hours. I sometimes got to play with her makeup, I did all kinds of facepaintings to my parents, and later when my mom was gone and I was grown up, I continued my experiments with facepainting until I finally found "real" makeup products.
    Spark to blogging came from you my readers, I started posting my looks first to facebook, then to MakeupGeek.com's forum, and finally someone insisted I should start my own blog and here we are!
  2. If you could only use one monochromatic set of colors of eyeshadow what would it be? I.e. only shades of blue.
    Either shades of purple or brown. Both fit to almost any occasion.
  3. Do you prefer playing with eyeshadow, lipstick or nail polish?
  4. What do you want to be "when you grow up"?
    I would love to be famous makeup artist, but I guess I'm gonna end up as salesperson. :P
  5. Favorite band/musician?
    There's many, I listen all kinds of music. I really like new Nightwish, several Finnish bands, Lady Gaga,  Children of Bodom and some other metal bands... Like said, all kinds of music, sometimes I even listen classical music.
  6. Favorite guilty pleasure?
    Besides doing makeup?  Eating perhaps :D And it shows. :P
  7. How do you like to spend your days(you know after you've played with makeup xD)
    We go outside to play with my kid, I watch tv with my husband, draw, play videogames... And surf in internet of course :3
  8. Do you have any pets? If so, names and pictures!
    I have 4 degus (three girls and one boy), a chinchilla and two rats. Their names are quite stupid actually,  degu girls are called V, Saippua (soap in Finnish) and Kakara (kid, brat in Finnish), male degu is called mies-mies or äijä (man-man or dude in Finnish), chinchilla is called either Muhvi or Pikatchu, and current rats are Loska (sorta wet snow, slush?) and Pöly (dust in Finnish)
  9. Do you prefer indie companies or cooperate companies to buy your makeup from?
    I really don't care about the company, I care about the products (and price).
  10. The most rewarding thing about blogging for you?
    Helping others. It's also my concern that I "mislead" my readers with wrong or overly complicated directions. It's amazing to see people influenced by my makeup, get them inspired and express themselves with makeup.
  11. Who inspired you?
    Petrilude is amazingly talented. He's pretty much only one who's videos I've watched to learn. 

And what it comes to makeup, go check out my version of Hunger Games Effie Trinket, with small tutorial:


  1. Haha, I actually had a conversation with two acquaintances from Finland a while ago where they told me about "loska" so it's one of the few Finish words that I know XD
    Well I think your pets' names are funny and cute :D I mean, my cat is called "Kater" (= German word for tomcat)... not so creative either XD

    Thanks for posting this, I like such tags :3

  2. I loved this post so much! I felt like I've learned more about you and I think, even more than ever, that you're an amazing person. You seem so nice and caring to your readers, we're so lucky to have you! You're truly an inspiration and most of all, I think you're beautiful inside and out! Much love to you and your family! xoxo.

  3. schöne Fotos :-)!!

    Auf meinem Blog gibts gerade einen Mirapodogutschein zu gewinnen:
    Macht mit bei meinem Gewinnspiel!

  4. wow this looks really great!

  5. Fun to read some more about you!
    I visited Finland for a music festival 2 years ago. Unfortunately I mostly picked up swear words :D

  6. Leuk artikel !
    ik volg je trouwens via bloglovin,
    volg je me terug? xx

  7. I really admire your talent and creativity, and I didn't think I could adore you any more until I read that you have pet rats. I have two too, and one is a sandy colour and the other is grey.


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