Mar 17, 2012

I'm a video!

Video time!

I've been struggling with my camera to get even a decent video, and I think I'm really improving with the quality. It's still not GOOD, but it's better, you can actually see what I'm doing.

I'm still not totally sure about the whole youtube/video thing. In some weird way I feel responsible of my readers/fans/subscribers/what-ever. I mean, I'm not a trained professional and I don't know how to do things "properly", so that's why I feel uncomfortable telling how to do things "my way".
I know there's many of you who want to be professional MUAs one day, and if you learn some technique from me, and the teachers at the makeup school laugh at you for doing it, I feel it's kinda my fault.
Same if I "teach" something that makes someone to be bullied in school. I know it's not exactly my fault, but I still feel that way.
It's probably partially because of my depression (I've been severely depressed for around past 10 years), which also leads to my other insecurity with the videos. I don't have The Thick Skin which seems to be required to survive in YouTube. When ever I receive a negative comment, I try to think where did I go wrong, how could I improve myself, is there anything I can do to change the opinion of the commenter.
Maybe I'll get over them, hopefully my real life behind the keyboard is in better shape then too.

Anyway, look on the video was kinda re-do of my yesterday's look:

Products used:
BareVitamins Prime Time primer
 MAC Shroom e/s
Illamasqua Varnau e/s
MAC Showstopper e/s
Sugarpill Tako e/s
 Joe Blasco Gel liner
Lash Control mascara
Isadora Inline Kajal Blonde

(Lips Lime Crime Glamour 101)

Sigma E55
Sigma travel E45
Sigma E70
Joe Blasco liner brush


I also received some products from Illamasqua's Human Fundamentalism collection, I'm still working with the review of them :)


  1. Precioso maquillaje, eres una artista!!

  2. Hi! :)

    I''ve been a follower for a long time but I'm not the kind that comments every post. But this time I felt like I should... I should tell you, as an appreciator of your work, that you should NEVER, EVER let any bad comment bring you down. And you should NEVER, EVER feel responsible for anything. People follow you because they like you, they like your work and most of all they believe in you, they believe that you have something to teach them. And if there's "a right way" to do things then I'm sure you're doing it. But I use to follow a few makeup artists and I know that everyone has a personal way of doing it, everyone is unique and for the love of God, YOU ARE PRETTY UNIQUE. From all the MUAs I follow, you are the most talented, the most unique, the most wonderful MUA of them all. Don't you EVER have any doubt of that.

    Take care **

  3. You're good at it! never let bad comments from anonym cowards let you down! do what you love! you look really pretty on this look ;)


  4. You should do videos! You are amazing at makeup! :D Who cares if you're not a professional? I think some of the best makeup artists are the self-trained ones, because they don't live by all of the rules, they let their imagination roam free. A good imagination is one of the best traits in makeup artists, you have to be able to envision what you want to do, before you do it......... and you defiantly can. Don't let people get you down either, you will always have fans, and unfortunately haters too. Nobody is liked by everyone. I know how you feel, I too have depression, although I don't let others see, things get to me in the worst ways. I'm a fan for sure though, I love your work, so different than what you usually see on makeup blogs, you're really talented and creative. :]

  5. I loved the makeup! Beautiful as always! Kisses, Aline.

  6. Ive struggled with major depression and an anxiety disorder for a couple of years now. & I know what it feels like. I never feel good enough, always doubt myself & somehow everything ends up being my fault. But your blog has been a refuge from all of that. I cant help but be amazed with your talent. You're so beautiful & you create some amazing looks. Your creativity knows no bounds! You are just perfect the way you are. And don't pay to much attention to those meanies who have nothing better to do.

  7. Hei! :) Oon seuraillut sun blogia jo pitkään ja usein tuunkin tänne etsimään jotain inspiraatiota omiin meikkeihin. Mun mielestä on hienoa, että Suomestakin löytyy mielenkiintosia meikkibloggaajia! En tiedä onko tällä suomalaisuudella jotain vaikutusta asiaan, mutta tuntuupa vaan, että täällä yritetään aina olla niin täydellisiä ja etsitään virheitä (erityisesti omasta ittestä), eikä sen takia oikein uskalleta tai kehdata tehdä mitään. Tunnistin kyllä niin itteni tosta sun tekstistä...

    Mitä noihin videoihin ja tekniikoihin tulee, niin mun mielestä on vaan hyvä, että myös sellaset ihmiset tekee, jotka ei oo ammattimeikkaajia. En näe mitään syytä sille, etteikö hyviä tekniikoita muka voisi oppia itse vaikkei niitä samoja ammattilaiset käyttäiskään! Mun mielestä paljon motivoivampaa on kattella videoita tai mitä vain tutoriaaleja, jotka on tehnyt joku itseoppinut. Tekniikka on hyvä sillon kun lopputulos on hyvä!

    Yritän tässä vaan sanoa, että täällä on nyt ainakin yksi, joka katselis sun videoita... ja näistä kommenteista päätellen en olis ainut! Voisin kuvitella, että vaikka se aluks vaikealta tuntuu, niin siitä vois olla jopa apua itsetunto-ongelmiin kun huomaa, että ihmiset pitää! :)
    *vetäytyy takaisin olemaan hiljainen suomalainen*

  8. Gorgeous makeup, always have such stunning looks xx

  9. Sometimes negative comments are no more than trolls who honestly have nothing better to do. They type something off the top of their head and then forget it immediately. It has no basis. So try not to let all negative feedback bother you, only focus on the real constructive criticism.
    Not that anyone could even have a reason to criticize you.. everything I've ever seen from you for the past year or two is amazing. You are such an inspiration to me just by how you do your own makeup art, it's very different from how I do mine so it refreshes my perspective and gives me new ideas.. that's what it's all about! :)

  10. Girl, you rock!
    Don't you dare think you are anything less than perfect. I know the work of several famous MUAs, but I prefer to follow you because you are not boring or arrogant.
    And if some day a Makeup Teacher asked his student: "What are you doing?", she/he can proudly say: "Don't you know? This is Jangsara's way and I like it!"
    A diploma hanging on the wall does not make you an artist. There are some Gifts that you can not learn, you must be born with them ... and my Dear, you were born an Artist, period. I love you!
    Your fan, Andrea.

  11. Dearest Jangsara,
    I got to you via makeup geek + God knows, Marlena doesn't pick any crappy MUAs. You are the only one i have followed, after checking out most of her guest bloggers. You truly are a natural talent. In some of your work on MUG, you are not even recognizable as yourself! It's like Robert DeNiro acting himself invisible! And your English (natch) is impeccable. The only word I know in Finnish is 'koira.' Dogs and crime are my only two subjects, with makeup running a fair third. Believe in yourself! You are fabulous and creative, even though you don't always think that. That's the depression talking.

    Believe me, the longer we go, the more we will find that everything is hard-wired. I firmly believe it is more hard-wired than behavioral, and is not something we can just wish away. I think I got my depression from my maternal grandmother, along with her gynecological and her gastroenterological systems. (Girlie + gizzards {digestive})I never understood that until I was over 50. My own mum, her daughter, was NEVER like that in any of those systems. Anyways, as regards your situation: OMG, those of us who have it GET the idea that you can be depressed for 10 years, but what is wrong with that statement? No one should tolerate being majorly depressed for 10 years, in 2012. Depression is biochemical, as well as mood + behavior-related. Find yourself a good psychopharmacologist, one who is an MD, likely a psychiatrist. Track your symptoms, and analyze them and their effects, as if they were eye shadows, contous, blushes. In psychopharm, not one size fits all. You need someone good, who is willing to go the long haul with you. Personally, I had 5 arthritis medications, before I found one that worked, and 3 antidepressants. Even once I got stable on the main antidepressant, the MD still occasionally tweaked it, because I said I was irritable, or had flairs of anger. Depression is a lot more complicated and multi-faceted than most people give it credit for.... (I could shoot those people who think it is just a big case of the blues....) As a person who cried daily for two years about a betrayal, and then was surprised when it mysteriously lifted....yeah, just ceased to make me cry.. (Depression does have a cycle, unique to each person...that's one of the things you need to find out about yourself....)I DO know what you are talking about, and I don't want you to have to feel that way. Right now, I have 3 master's degrees, and have to work a minimum wage job to get by. I'm too stressed to be depressed, and I cannot afford MD appts or medication. Ironically, you are one of the people I count on to cheer me up, teach and inspire me, when I am at one of the lowest points of my life. You are a great talent; I want you to take the time to invest as much in yourself as you do in your work for others. I know what it feels like, + nobody should have to feel that way. BTW, I run a MAC, use cable internet, and had zero sound on my video. The visuals were great, though, esp. for a newish-bie. I send love, good wishes, and great appreciation, from outside Boston, MA, USA. xxxooo, Karen H.

  12. You are wonderful and perfect JUST the way you are. You have SO much more skill and talent than you realize. I know it's easier to "believe the bad..." but you are such a diamond. Don't let random negativity get you down, honey. There are a MILLION of us that LOOOOVE what you do... I send MUCH MUCH MUCH love from the States :) XOXO

  13. I don't think there is a 'right' way to do make-up, and I always hear MUA that went to different schools contradicting eachother, so don't worry about that! I like trying out new techniques, and something they stick, sometimes they don't. It's nice to see how you go about things :) you can be proud of your skills!

  14. I love what you do... Maybe what could help is to call this video's spirit "sharing" not "teaching"...
    That's how I take your work and I thank you forb taht. I feel lucky to see your work.

  15. Jangsara, you are amazing at what you do and provide inspiration for all of us. You are what I aspire to be able to do! Plus your photos are frickin'amazing! The good comments will always far outweigh the bad comments ... plus there is always the delete button LOL who needs to hear the haters anyhow?

  16. That was great! I really enjoyed watching how you do this and learned a lot just from watching. I was surprised by how gently you apply the colors. I'm going to try and be more light-handed now. Also, that is the coolest liner brush. Where can you get them?
    Please make more videos!

  17. Please try to not let negative comments get to you. I think you are an amazing, natural talent and I so love when you post new looks. I believe your fans far out number the haters, so when they get to you, remember how much love and support your fans are sending you from all over the world! Wishing you happiness and much joy from Jacksonville, FL, USA :)

  18. You are amazing... don't worry too much :)

  19. I just started doing simple make-up videos in august, and I have barely gotten crap for it. The majority is just ''eww, you're a goth'' or ''how old are you?'' (cause I'm asian and tiny, so I look young). There was this anon on my blog claiming to be a MUA telling me that everything I did on a model for a shoot was ''wrong, wrong, wrong''. But had she been a make-up artist, she would know that nothing is wrong in make-up - You can do whatever the fuck you want!

  20. If you post to youtube, and don't want the ugly put-downs that are so common there - JUST TURN OFF THE COMMENTS. It's really as easy as that. You can set all of your videos as "comments disabled" and then include a link back here for anyone who wants to engage in an actual conversation. Then we can all (you included) enjoy your videos!

    I enjoy your looks, I turn to you regularly for inspiration, and I hope to see more video from you soon!

  21. PLEASE TALK IN YOUR VIDEOS!!!! Idk if I'm the only one who wants to hear your voice? It's easier for me to get into tutorials if the person in tutorials if the person is active and talking!!!

  22. GORGEOUS LOOK! And PLEASE don't listen to those haters (there are many trolls on youtube), there are far more people who LOVE your looks than there are haters. Read our comments and listen to us...ignore those negative ones that are simply placed there by people who are ugly human beings inside.

  23. This look is amazing!
    I stumbled across your blog via MUG, and i read it from now to the very beginning. I really LOVE it, i love your looks, i love the way you describe things, and i love your tutorials. I'm way apart from knowing everything about Make-Up, and i never really care if a "professional" or someone else is giving me a great idea or teaching me something i didn't know before. I just try it, and if it works for me, perfect. If not, i try something else. That's okay, i don't think everyone has to do things the exact same way (it's boring... ^^).
    I never understood people hating around at youtube or other sides. I don't know, what they think... i really believe, that most of them would never ever say something like this in real life, if they have to face the person they are trolling to... And i really believe that they are jealous as hell!
    I mean, i don't like everything i see on the internet, but i don't give bad comments. Constructive criticism is something else, but just saying something like "buh, that's bad, you're ugly, you make everything wrong"... that's a sign of bad behaviour.
    Please, never believe it's your fault, if some stupid people think, they have to say bad stuff. Instead, think of all the people who love and appreciate your work. It's great! Never believe something else!

  24. I have followed and loved your work for some time. I also love watching YT and definitly appreciate where you are coming from. I'm not the type to comment, but I enjoyed your honesty and understand how you feel. You are very talented and I think just bc you say you aren't "professional" you have taught and inspired me very much! Don't let the haters get to you, there not worth and you are one of the best MUA!

  25. Oh Dear Jangsara . not everyone need to be on youtube . And youtube is a scay place, indeed.
    I personally like step by step posts better than any videos . Im happy or any thing you do :) If you dont feel comfy doing videos, dont force yourself :)


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