Jan 13, 2012

Review: GothMetic

I was reading Finnish Elle magazine, when I spotted a mention of German cosmetic brand called Gothmetic:

The brand instantly caught my interest, so I googled it,  found their website, contacted them, and got few of their products to review:

Here's the products I got:

  • Nagellack - 02 Purple Obsession Glossy 
  • Lipstick tradionell - 06 Passion Red 
  • Lipgloss Stift 
  • Lipgloss Tube 
  • Liquid Extreme Eyeliner - 06 Black 
  • Pinsel Extreme Liner (brush)
  • Sharpener
Here's my thoughts:

Nagellack - 02 Purple Obsession Glossy:
~11,50 eur
Available in Black Glossy, Red Glossy, Purple Glossy, Silver Glossy, Black Dim, Red Dim, Purple Dim

Super glossy dark purple nail polish. It dried quite quickly, needed two to three coats to look nice, and lasted about the same time nail polish lasts normally on my nails.
Shade isn't the most unique one, but I guess it's hard to find a unique shade the days. :P

Lipstick - 06 Passion Red:
17,50 eur
Available in Passion Red, Wine Red, Rose, Aubergine, Red, Black with Purple

Red lipstick, yay. And by that I mean that I already have so many red lipsticks (like I said also in my Lime Crime Glamour 101 review), that it's quite hard to surprise me with red lipstick anymore :D
But this is "firetruck red", leaning more to orange than blue, but still being RED. 
It has a nice texture and it doesn't stain. 
The tube is matte black, and has fleur-de-lis symbols on it, so it fits to any goth's makeup bag nicely.

Lipgloss Stift & Lipgloss Tube:
~12,50 eur

~9,90 eur

Same stuff, different container. This is very shiny clear lipgloss, kinda candy-scented. I like the scent a lot actually :D 
The "pencil version" is nice looking, but I find the brush a bit unpractical if you use the gloss over lipstick, but that's probably just my problem :D

Like said, this is very glossy, it reminds me of the "vinyl glosses" that were THE Thing a while back:

Over GothMetic Red lipstick:

Over black liner + GothMetic Red lipctick:

Mascara Wonderlash Silverline Lacy:

16,50 eur

I'm really sorry to say that this made my eyes itch, so I can't really review it, other than it's black, it didn't really make my lashes longer, but it looks nice in your makeup bag.

 Liquid Extreme Eyeliner - 06 Black:
16,50 eur
Available in Purple, Black

This is the product I've grown to love. 
I remember that at some point I said I won't change my gel liners to liquid ones ever again, but this almost made me change my mind :D
If it would be a bit more water resistant, this would be my favourite :D
I love how it looks too, it also has fleur-de-lis symbols on it. I was bummed to get the black one, because the purple sounds so good :D

 5 eur
This is a sharpener, what can I say? :D
It sharpens pens, it has a silver ornament on the lid, and that's about it :D

 Pinsel Extreme Liner:
~19,50 eur
It's a sturdy, yet a bit stiff brush. Unlike the other products, this one doesn't have any ornaments, tribals or other symbols, it's a plain brush with metallic cap.

Over all I'm not exactly sure what to think about GothMetic. 
Based on the products I reviewed, they don't offer anything new. You know I'm more of an eyeshadow person, so I would've loved to get to try their eyeshadows, eyeshadow sticks or mousse eyeshadows. Since I didn't, I don't have any idea what quality they might be.

If you are True Goth, and you want your makeup bag to be True Goth too, you'll love these. But if you're looking for unique products instead of pretty packaging, you might get disappointed. 

You can buy Gothmetic from the following:


  1. I checked these out at beauty expo, and to be honest... oh well, these look interesting and are ok-ish quality, but the emphasis is too much on nice-looking packaging and nothing else. Younger goths might see these interesting, but the prices are waaay too high for teens. The red lipstick is lovely, though.

  2. this is so great!


  3. waaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooooooo
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiittt!!

    Kisses from Panama

  4. I think the packaging is very nicely executed, but nothing really jumped out at me. Wish they would have sent you some of their most unique, stand-out products

  5. I have the traditional lipstick too but in black-purple and I'm pretty happy with it. But also I have two eyeshadows and neither the pigmentation nor covering were as well as I expected concerning the price ... nothing I would recommend to be honest.

  6. The packaging is pretty but for that price I'd expect the products to be better quality. I wish they had sent you some eyeshadows, because they are the only products I might consider buying if they turned out to be amazing.

  7. The packaging is beatiful but the products don't jump at me. Not sure if I'm not navigating the website well but I would have expected, for example, more blue, purple, black lipsticks, etc. The red looks nice though.

  8. The packaging is indeed this biggest draw to me, although I'm with Mina Carmilla in that for the price, I'd expect higher quality. But oh well, like you said, at least it'll look good in your makeup bag! =D

  9. Thanks for sharing.. just researching the topic, so that helps :)


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