Dec 1, 2011

Tutorial: Glittering December

Today I went to MUFE to spend my gift card I won from the Within Temptation contest.
Here's my haul:

I did a super glitttery look using two of my new babies (I'll do a review of these later):
Diamond Powder 015
Glitters #10
This is so simple to do.
Start with priming your eye:

Then use black base, I used MAC Slick Black Greasepaint stick. The base should be a bit sticky, so that the glitter won't fall off:

Then apply the glitter (you can use for example Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, or some mixing medium to attach the glitter, if you're afraid it'll fall off) :

Add some highlighter to the brow bone, false lashes (mine are MAC #44 ) and I also added some silver liner (MUFE Aqua Eyes 8L) to the lower inner corner and waterline:


And to really boost the look and to add even more shine, I added a hint of MUFE Diamond Powder #015 over the black glitter:


  1. I LOVE this!!! Now I need to find some black glitter...

  2. Hi beautiful ,can i ask you what kind of camera u use?plz ;) kisses

  3. thank you so much for this simple but elegant look. I have a party to attend this weekend and am wearing black velvet and a tulle skirt. While I was wishy-washy over silver or gold makeup (I want red lips) - this would be perfect and dramatic and I happen to have some Eye Candy black glitter on hand! Thanks Jangsara, you are always an inspiration!!

  4. very beutiful

  5. Awsum as love love ur makeup looks...need to know sum tips on hw to take pictures with makeup on camera...urs are excellent bt wenever i try to take my pictures the colors seems washed off even sumtimes they all luk like im wearing a single color...plz post abt this.<3

  6. I really like, what you do, for me you are a great artist with make up. I love your blog, you are so beautyfull. Please keep sharing your make ups with us!

  7. WOW!
    simple but so effective! everything because of the glitter :)

  8. So dramatic and awesome!! You know it's cool when I actually have an audible reaction whilst sitting alone browsing the webs. This one got an "Oooh-hooo-hoo!!" LOL

  9. OMG that is amazingly beautiful!! i love it:)

    <33 Sharlene

  10. wonderful!
    I love your tutorials!

  11. I did some inspired looks of this:) in different colours love it so much!


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