Nov 14, 2011

Black lace with Illamasqua Depravity

Hello sweeties!

I finally got something I've been wanting for over a year or so:

There they are, my sweet, sweet Illamasqua Decadence lashes <3<3<3<3<3
I can't even start to describe how much I love them! They are P E R F E C T !

New Cream Pigment also found it's way to me, it's called Depravity:

I still adore the packaging of Illamasqua's products:

Depravity is matte lilac, it's actually quite hard to tell if it's warm or cold color. On the container it looks cool, but when applied to skin it's more warm.  But I do know that it goes really well with my other cream pigments, Dab and Mould!

Then I was randomly searching for inspiration from Google, and I saw some looks where airbrush had been used with lace to create different textures.
I took my piece of lace, black eyeshadow, a big fluffy blending brush, Cream Pigments, and did this look:

 I was too lazy (bad me!) to do the other eye, so I covered it with the lace:

I used:

* UDPP Eden
* Illamasqua Cream Pigments
   - Dab
   - Depravity

* Illamasqua Pure Pigments
   - Breathe
   - Zeitgeist

For cheeks I used Illamasqua Morale blusher, and on the lips Illamasqua Cream Pigment Depravity and black pencil as a liner.

Lashes are of course Illamasqua's Decadence lashes.
And additional rhinestones are from eBay :D

Next week I'll post some reviews that have taken me ages to photograph and write :P

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  1. I can not believe what I see. This is amazing. Great work. I love it ♥

  2. Wow! This is amazing! I love those lashes.

  3. This is A-MA-ZING!! Definitely this is the best make up work I've ever seen! Such a great work...I'm stunned!

  4. I'm speechless. one of the best looks i have ever seen, you are very talented!

  5. Holy smokes. Gorgeous!! And those lashes are beeeeautiful!!!

  6. I love how the lace print came out! Those lashes are gorgeous, too.

  7. OMG, amazing as always! :) You are the most creative MUA I know.

  8. Amazing! I would love to get a tutorial of this :)) <3

  9. Oh my, this is insanely gorgeous <3

  10. Wow this is amazing :D
    I love the addition of lace it looks fab

  11. Amazing look, very well done!! thanks for sharing

  12. You are so talented! I love all your looks. Congrats!

  13. Whoa!!! Amazing work :)

  14. OMG !! That's so GORGEOUS !! I adore your work ! <3

  15. omg this i s so fucking awsome! I LOVE it! so so so great! *-*
    And the lashes are beauty candy *-* love them too!

  16. I F***ng love this!! I see you like extreme makeup and fantasy makeup!, me too so if you want you can check out my blog:

  17. Beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, stunning, everything!!!!! I LOVE it!

  18. Absolutely amazing! Stunning! I cannot believe the intricate detail you've achieved. Beautiful :)

  19. This is the most amazing look I have seen in months! So fabulous!!!

  20. I swear you have magical powers or something.
    Brilliant :)

  21. thanks for your blog for more beauty and make up see:

  22. Depravity looks pretty but I think I've seen this color before somewhere?

    I think it looks a lot like Stage's Parfait Amour in the pan.

    But Illamasqua's definitely a lot more intense especially since it's a cream!

  23. Depravity is pretty! But I think it looks pretty similar to Stage's Parfait Amour...

    Depravity definitely is more intense though, especially since it's a cream!

  24. Just when I think you can't outdo yourself, you do! Best makeup look I've ever seen- seriously. Amazing job sweetie :)

  25. You are such an amazing talent and a true inspiration!!!
    Thanks for sharing your gift! :)

  26. Miten kauan sulla menee pestä nämä pois? Onks sulla käytössä joku super meikinpoistaja? :DD
    ihanalta näyttää!

  27. This is quite possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. You are so talented it hurts. O_____O

  28. This is so beautiful, it takes my breath away!


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