Oct 23, 2011

Tutorial: Purple and bright green

I finally made something I can show :D
I've been struggling with my makeup lately, everything looks too bright or dark or slutty or messy, so I've been using a lot of just mascara.
But here's something bright finally, enjoy!

Look is done using Manly 120 palette:

First of all, use primer, and then apply white base to whole lid:

Then use a flat brush to apply the deepest green to outer corner:

Then apply the bright green to the middle of the lid:

Then the lightest green to inner corner:

Use a crease brush to apply black to crease:

Then apply purple(s) above the black:

Then use light color to blens the edges and highlight:

Add some black to crease with blending brush, so the edges aren't too hard:

Then extend the purple to the lower lashline:

Apply black liner to waterline:

..and finally to upper lashline too, and add mascara:

Add false lashes (mine are Elise #201), and the look is done:


  1. I'm obsessed. This reminds me of really pretty poison, the bright neon green in the middle is EVERYTHING! So glad you're posting new looks again!!

  2. love it!!! ))) I love the colors!! )) Need to try that!! ))

  3. Oooo Joker colours! Looks stunning! Love it <3

  4. I love this! And I love how simple and easy to understand your tutorials are, very helpful!

  5. Which base do you use exactly? Because most, like UDPP or too faced, are yellow toned. I've been look for a white eyeshadow primer for those with an olive skintone, because blues tend to go a bit green on their skin.

  6. absolutely gorgeous! i love purple and green together, my favourite colours!!

    jo x

  7. This is amazing the green and purple together are stunning!

  8. Beautiful! I always enjoy your tutorials. The purple and green look amazing together.

  9. i looove this. i would have never thought of that color combo but it looks so pretty


  10. Love it!!


  11. Wow that's so gorgeous! I always love your looks!


  12. Wooooow, awesome as ever! ♥


  13. I just cringed at how fantastic the colours are all together! XD I absolutely LOVE it!

  14. wow,
    my favorite colour - purple. I still use this colour in my make up.

  15. Amazing ! I'm really impressed by your work ! Lovin' what you do !

  16. Oh wow, that's so vibrant! I love pairing purple and green eye shadow together, though my looks aren't usually as bright as this. :)

  17. Holy crap girl, you are amazing! I bought this palette ages ago expecting it to change my life... But uh, turns out I'm either not very inventive or just scared of colour.

    I am so recreating this look! Love it!

  18. I'm so in love with this blog that I may need therapy.


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