Oct 10, 2011

Body and soul, I'm a FREAK.

This is my today's "have to do something crazy with makeup" look.
I had some inspirational photos, but it turned out to be quite different from those.
I was thinking flower petals and butterfly wings when doing this, hopefully it shows.

Look is mostly done with MUFE Flash colors, MUFE shadows #04, #26 & #07. Also I used Illamasqua Alchemy liquid liner.

I also have good news for all my haters (I know you're out there) bad to others. I'm feeling quite blue at the moment, I feel really insecure, and that reflects also to my looks, photography and all.  That's also the reason I haven't been updating my blog as often as I wish to.
Every day is another struggle, and it never ends (well, eventually it will, but still.). I don't want to bring my personal problems to my blog, so that's about that subject.

This look was inspired by (not a recreation, as you see) Illamasqua's new fragrance's promopics:

Isn't the bottle just AWESOME:
The snail is just.. incredible!

I received a sample of the fragrance, and even if I'm not really a fragrance user (I don't like strong smells), I really do like this.
I can't really review it for you, since I wound't even know where to start describing the scent, but for my nose it's good :D

Other than that, I took my camera out and took some photos of my son:


  1. great! fantasting! beautiful! amazing :)!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I love your blog because the looks might not be wearable for every day, but it's so darn fun and beautifully executed.

    BTW - your son is a wonderful model, lol. The bottom left pic is my favorite

  3. The bottom left photo of your son is so cute and funny! Beautiful look.

  4. Absolutely amazing, it actually looks like painting/a work of art on your face. Beautiful!!


  5. I'm sorry you're feeling blue. I think that everyone goes through periods in their life where they become weary and just plain tired of their situation. Many times when we reach these lows, it seems that all we can do is endure the storm and wait for things to improve again. Just keep in mind that the bad times do not last forever, and that things WILL get better. Maybe when you walk away from the bad times, you'll have that much more love and appreciation for the good times. It goes with the saying of "The soul would have no rainbow, had the eye no tears".
    I hope you feel better soon.

    And PS; Such a beautiful and creative woman, with an obviously adorable family, I don't think you should have to feel insecure about anything! :)

  6. This is beautiful. It's like a flower that is turning into a monarch butterfly but doesn't loose its color/pattern.

    I'm sorry for the sadness you're feeling. I've been going through that as well. I don't know if it is the seasons changing (it happens to me every fall/winter) or what, but it's a matter of taking it day by day I find, until one day you feel the sun come out again and begin to feel a bit sunnier yourself...

  7. This looks so beautiful and ethereal! :)

  8. Upea! Älä oo masis, oot ihkuin!

  9. That's an amazing look, really I love it :)

    I hope you'll feel better soon. As Anonymous said (and fortunately), the bad times do not last forever. It may take some time but, and I know it for I've been through that as well, eventually you'll find the light in your life again.

  10. Hello. I am a big french fan of you and I wanted you to know that I hope you'll feel better very soon. you have a lovely son, he must give you love and happiness.....

  11. F the haters! You are an inspiration to me daily :)

  12. I always love your work and it never fails to inspire me to try different things!


  13. your son is soo cute and those pics are wonderful!!


  14. Sorry you're going through a rough time. I'll be hoping that things get better for you pronto.

    You have amazing skills with makeup; I'm always floored by what you can do. You're an incredible person.

  15. He is so cute! You did a great job... LOL!!!

    I just added you to my FB friends... Hope you accept me! Kisses from Brazil, love your make-ups!

  16. Hello,

    There is so long time I am thinking I should comment... I love your art, your work of colors is always amazing! And this one may be one of the best. It is between makeup and face painting, so wonderful.

    I hope you will feel better soon, you are constantly inspiring me.

  17. LOVING all of your halloween looks!!

    (Follow I will follow back)

  18. I've been keeping up with your blog since the summer (when one night I went through the whole thing o_o) and I've never commented, but I just wanted to tell you that you're so talented and inspirational! Just know that the sad feelings that you're having will soon come to pass. I hope that it's soon, you don't deserve anything but happiness :)

  19. Don't let your sadness keep you from sharing that amazing gift you have! I struggle with similar issues and it has also hurt my creativity. Use it to inspire you. Don't let it hold you back from living the way YOU want to live


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