Sep 7, 2011

Rolling in the deep


Lately I've fallen in love with Adele's song Rolling in the Deep, and because of that I also made a bit research about what kind of makeup styles she uses.
So today my look was inspired by Adele, and here's the result:

 Palladio eyelid primer
28 neutral palette colors
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Ebay bulk lashes

My other look for today was something totally different:

Sugarpill Flamepoint + Buttercupcake
MUFE White Flashcolor
MUFE Black Flashcolor
MUFE Gold Flashcolor
Ben Nye Iced Gold
MAC Reflects bronze
Feather lashes from kkcenter
NYX Special Effects lashes EL186 Super Power

I only did one eye, as you can see :D


  1. I love Adele, you did a great job recreating her look :)

    And the second one is just WOW :)

  2. Wow that second look is fierce!! It reminds me of a Phoenix!

  3. Wow, Lovely look! You're really an inspiration to me... Kisses.

  4. I love that you can do both of these looks in one post. You're awesome!

  5. You really look a bit like Adele in the first set of makeup, and the second set-- amazing! Love the sheer fiery-ness of it. LOVE.

  6. Love both sets of makeup, and I actually adore the fact that after seeing a gorgeous yet simple look as Adele's, we scroll down the page to such a fierce look... that's versatility!!

  7. OMG! you really do look like Adele here! and as always, your avant garde look is AMAZING! hope i'll be able to recreate it! your such an inspiration :D

  8. That second look is fantastic! It reminds me of a Phoenix :)

  9. As always, both looka are amazing! Could you tell me what you are wearing on your lips in the Adele look, please?

  10. Love both the looks! Those feather lashes are amazing. Tutorial for the Adele look?! Pwetty pwease!

  11. the first is so angelic...but the second is amazing

  12. wow...amazing looks!
    I love your rolling in deep look!
    Can you show how you do this look?
    Thank you! :)

  13. Great looks! They're both amazing. I am in love with Rolling in the Deep, too. I definitely see the Adele inspiration in your look :)


  14. You are so talented! Love your work:-)
    Please do more of this creative looks!

  15. Oh my gosh! For a second I actually thought you were Adele XD

  16. These are AMAZING!
    Super talented, love it!

  17. I LOL'd at 'My other look for today was something totally different' - such an understatement! XD love the Adele makeup, but your other look is breathtaking.

  18. Your Adele look is the best Ive seen! Love it!!
    And your second look, AMAZING! You are so talented. :)

  19. The Adele look is so timeless, classy and beautiful on you. You should strongly consider using it more often.

  20. Very nice makeup, you have a very inspiring blog! :) I'm studying to become a professional makeup artist. Check out my Facebook page if you want:

    Sincerely, Johanna


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