Sep 11, 2011

Review & Swatches: Sigma Flare palette

Now that ponies are away from the way, a little review.

This isn't the first one on the blogosphere, but I thought I could share my two cents too.

So here it is, Sigma's Flare eyeshadow palette:

It clearly says 'Hare' doesn't it?
It certainly doesn't  say 'Flare' O_o

As a Sigma affiliate I got to choose of of the palettes, and I went wit Flare, because it looked like it would fit me the best.
Bare is kinda Sigma's version of UD Naked (all neutral colors), and Dare is filled with warm browns, reds and yellows:

(Bare & Dare photos from Sigma's website)

Flare has both bold and neutral colors:

It also holds a handy brush, E55&E40 combo, other end for applying color to the lid, other for blending:

Brush is trusted Sigma, nice quality, useful, quite sturdy.
Then the eyeshadows.

First Crush and Oversee:

Crush is actually quite nice brown color, with weird (but cool!) green vibe on it.
Oversee is turquoise with a hint of golden undertone.

Define looks like pale green, but it's actually so light that it could be used as a highlighter, and it wouldn't really even look green at all.
Publicize is beautiful peachy color with something like satin finish, not really shimmery but also not matte.

Resist is warm brown with some fine golden sparkle, really nice for almost any look.
Gossip isn't really purple nor brown, somewhere in between them.

Allure is the HUGE disappointment of this palette.In the pan it looks spectacular vibrant purple, but when swatched, it's a bit transparent, quite pale violet. (dupe of this would be Ben Nye's Cosmic Violet)
Beware is basicly another highlight color, pale pink with slight duochrome, similar to MAC Seedy Pearl.

Reviewing this palette is bit hard, because I'm not over excited about this.
I'm not saying  that the palette is BAD. I just don't like it much. I'm really not excited about the colors, nor the pigmentation (which isn't bad, but not super either).
I think the price is a bit high compared to the quality too.

Sure this is (these are?)  easy to take along when going somewhere, if you don't need bright and bold colors with you, and they have the brush with them, which is a big bonus.

Where to get: Sigma's website
How much: $35
Color options: Bare, Dare, Flare


  1. great review! not that excited about the colors too, but I do like the brush that comes with it! :)

  2. A better vibrant violet colour can be found in Smashbox's trio called Megapixel. It is just as vibrant (or even more) as Allure in the pan.

    Funny note: the word "flare" looks kinda like "hare" on the cover of the palette :D

    The brush looks extremely handy! Can it be bought separately?

  3. Love Love this all palettes!
    I have Bare and I love this colours!
    Have a nice evening :)

  4. That looks great, and hooray for a company putting in a USEFUL brush!

  5. I really like resist and gossip!
    Super pretty! Seems like a great deal with the brush! Might have to check it out :)

  6. Thank you for the honest review. Many of the colors look quite dupeable to be honest... I could see this being useful for some people who are looking for a versatile palette but I can understand you not being overly enthused about it!

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  8. Great and honest review! This palette is a hyped item here in Brazil, all the blog writers saying that is a "OMG WONDERFUL palette, i can't live without it." Thanks for being so nice telling us what you REALLY thinks. :D xoxo Jul

  9. From what I've seen on blogs about the palettes they all seem a little underwhelming, but I like that they put decent brushes in there. Thanks for the swatches and honest review. :)


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