Sep 3, 2011

Random collection of themed looks

So this is just a post containing pics of random "inspired by something" -looks.
I can't really remember what I used where anymore, sorry about that.

But anyway, first the oldest, I wanted to do a bit different mermaid look, something a bit inspired by the "damned sailors of the Flying Dutchman (?)2 from Pirates of the Caribbean, where the men are part of the ship. I wanted to do the look where the I'd be part of the ocean. Or something. I don't know :D Not my favorite looks anyway:

Lashes from kkcenterHK 

I read Gone with the Wind again, and I just had to make yet another Scarlett inspired look:

 This was some weird red riding hood inspired, nothing special:

Then I tried a geisha inspired look, I loved the wig-thingie I managed to make :D There actually to wigs, million bobby pins and other stuff like feathers and flowers and stuff:

Ropecon was also again, like every year, and here's my costume:
Awkward pose:
Yesyes, fat fat :P
The makeup, brown and turquoise:

Then the couple looks I've done for others:

This one is weird. My inspiration came from circus and france, and the result was just weird :D

Lashes again from kkcenterHK

Then my favorite theme again, burlesque \o/:
Lashes again from kkcenterHK
And totally failed "egyptian look". The pics are ok, but I don't like the makeup at all:

So there.


  1. These looks are gorgeous :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. They're all beautiful! I love the Burlesque one in particular!

  3. wooow i can't get over how amazing you are !! I adore that circus look :O

  4. Oh, I just love the circus/France look and the burlesque one, you look absolutely amazing in the photos! Also, love your necklace and the head thingie in the Egyptian look :)

  5. I really love the burlesque and geisha looks! You are amazing.


  6. You are so wonderful! You look so great!
    I love your inspirations !
    Have a nice day :)

  7. I love all of them, but especially the French Circus and Geisha looks :D

  8. I like all of these, even the ones you say you don't like at all :)
    That circus/france inspired reminds me somehow of Edith Piaf. It's like Piaf gone loopy or something. My favourite must be Geisha. And I also like very much the egyptian look, I think you pulled that very well. It may not be exactly egyptian make up, but it could be from one of these fantasy/scifi-series, like StarGate, where make up artists can stretch the boundaries of style.

  9. Vautsi! Mä kyl diggaan tosta kirotut merimiehet-lookista. Upea!

  10. wow these are all so gorgeous i love the burlesque one! i am a new follower btw :D

  11. Hi there! Adore your blog, those egyptian and burlesque looks are devine! You're so beautiful! :)
    Absolutely love a tutorial for that burlesque look, it's amazing!

  12. i love your egyptian look! :D


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