Sep 15, 2011

Illamasqua Morale

Next up in my Illamasqua reviews is Morale Shimmer blush:
Morale is very pink blush with sorta cold (blueish?) shimmer, and some tiny golden sparkles. "Rosed flush, shimmer finish" says Illamasqua's website.

Unfortunately this is just not my color. I rarely use pink blushes, I'm more of a peachy blush user, and when I use pink, I want it to be matte.
So I can't really tell if this is a good shade or not, I just know it's not my shade :/
But what I can tell, is that it's pigmented and quite easily blendable.
If you like pink shimmery blushes, I can suggest you'd give this one a try!

Applied lightly and heavily:

Then I got a little carried away with Theatre of the Nameless, and created another look inspired by the looks of this collection.
I know I said yesterday that I wasn't inspired by the sharp lines and all, but hey, that was yesterday :3

These are pretty heavily photoshopped, because it was bad weather out today, and the pics came out really dark and ugly, so I had to brighten them and smudge them anddddd :P

  • Illamasqua Cream Pigment Dab
  • Illamasqua Shimmer Blush Morale
  • Black eyeliner/ pencil / gel liner

And finally, last but not least, I made an awesome look this evening. 
This is for halloween, and I know that if I go somewhere this halloween, I do this one to myself again!
Hopefully I'll trough pics tomorrow, and you'll get to see how I did this look, it was actually quite easy look to do.

Here's a sneak peek of Royal Sugar Skull:


  1. Ooo it looks like just the kind of blush i'd love! I'm gunna have to go have a peek at that in town soon! x

  2. Love the blush! It seems a bit too bright for me tho... Can't wait to see your look for the Royal Sugar Skull!!

  3. Looks a little too bright for me but it's a lovely colour.
    Your sneck peak of Sugar Skull is really inspiring me to do something interesting this halloween!!

  4. Shame about the blush. Maybe you could wear it as an eyeshadow then.

  5. Holy cow. I practically pee'd myself with that preview of the Royal Sugar Skull. I CAN'T WAIT for that post!!!!

  6. DROOL! I think the blush was out of stock (or not in stock yet) when I placed my order, otherwise I would've thrown that in my cart in 0.5 seconds!

    I'd like to see you use the blush as an eyeshadow :)

  7. OH my GOD, that Sugar Skull! More, more, more, more!

  8. i'm soo happy you are gonna do the sugar skull! i was planning to do one myself on halloween but i'm not that good in make up. Now i have some inspiration. It looks amazing!


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