May 3, 2011



I got stuff to try from BeautyUK, and here's a little review of them.
I also started to use ratings, so it would be easier to check what did I think about the product! Let me know what you think!

Baked eyeshadow Meadow, Pearl liner Sorceress, lipstick Vampire

Here we go

 BeautyUK baked eyeshadow Meadow:

 Well... I hate to give negative reviews, but this isn't really that good.
It's a bit chalky, a bit too shimmery, and not very pigmented. (And I managed to broke mine when it jumped on the floor :S)
If you want cheap shadow, you can get this, but personally I think that there's much better options than this.
BeautyUK's baked eyeshadow are available in 6 different trio's, and you can get them from here for the price of £3.99.

Jangsara's rating:

BeautyUK Lipstick Vampire:
RED! Firetruck red with more blue base than yellow, yay!
This reminds me of Illamasqua's Sangers and Faust, but this is bluer than Sangers and redder than Faust. This is also more shiny (not shimmery!), not as dry as Illamasqua's lipstick.
This seems to stay put quite well, doesn't bleed on the edges or anything.
I think this is really well worth the price, which is £3.49. Vampire and 10 more shades available here.

Jangsara's rating:

Last but not least, my personal favourite,

BeautyUK Pearl Eyeliner Sorceress:

I have a weak spot for purples, and this is like perfect!
It has a thin tip, which is easy to use, and the color is amazing purple.
Liner itself is maybe a bit too wet, it can be messy, but it dries up quite fast on lid, so it's not really a problem.
I kinda lont my interest to liquid liners after I discovered gel liners, but this is just too awesome not to use.
And did I already mention about the staying power of this baby?
I swatched in my arm and kinda forgot it there (How do you spot a makeup artist? Just look at the hands, there swatches all over them ;D), and went shopping, made food, played with my chidren, went to shower, slept... And it was still VERY CLEARLY visible next day, when I did another swatches!
Still it was easy to wipe off from the lid with makeup remover.
I love this liner, and this isn't the only amazing color of these! There's also another purple, electric blue, stunning teal... Iäll try to get them in to my hands (literally :D) so you'll see how they look!
Available in 8 stunning shades, with the price of £3.49 here.

Jangsara's rating:

Lastly my today's look, which was inspired by the "panda eyes" (I see no panda, but that's how press talks about them) that Cate Middleton had in the Royal Wedding:

 And here's my look:


  1. I didn't like Kate's Make-Up, you would have done a better job :)

    (I hope the grammar is right, i'm German :D)


  2. Damn that eyeliner looks amazing!

    I wasn't either too thrilled about Kate's makeup for her wedding.

  3. Loving the eye liner.

    Your version is nicer than kates. She is stunning, but I didn't like how dark it was :s.

    Came here from Tsunimee/liloo's twitter link :)


  4. é tudo incrível, mas babei nesse delineador !
    Quero muitooooooo


  5. the lipstick and the eyeliner was amazing"

    In Palace ♥

  6. I'm really surprised the pearl eyeliner was so nice, I have their liquid eyeliner (not the pearl one) and it's utterly awful! I don't really have sensitive skin and about 5 minutes after application it started to burn. When I tried to remove it with cleanser it came off in weird plastic-like flakes if it came off at all. Can't deny that it had staying power but if your face is burning that's not much consolation.
    That being said, I might try the lipstick after this review. I could really use a decent blue based red.
    And I've never commented before so I'd just like to say that I really love your blog! :)

  7. Tervehdys vakkarilukijalta :) Jos sun pitäis lähteä ostamaan kaupasta edullista runsaspigmenttistä luomiväriä, niin minkä merkin hyllylle suuntaisit? Joko en osaa pohjustaa mitään, tai sit olen vaan valinnoissani jatkuvasti veikannut väärää hevosta. Etenkin kirkkaat värit on tuottaneet useita pettymyksiä. Nimim. "Käynyt kerran Macin hyllyllä, huokaamassa syvään"

  8. Wow that red lipstick looks phenomenal! Would love to try that out. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hello sweetie, I was wondering who is the winner of your last giveaway?? The one with MSCHIC lip products to win?? You never post anything about it!! The giveaway is closed for a while now (closed since April 24,2011)and since April 24,2011 we never heard anything about the winner of this giveaway. I think and I am a 100 000 000% sure that many of your subbies will agree with me. That we have the right to know. Because I did and many others also did participate to your giveaway! So please, please, please tell us who win your giveaway.

  10. I want to eat tha purple' looks delicuois.

  11. Please a Tutorial!!!

    Love it!!!



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