Mar 23, 2011

Tutorial: Viva Glam Gaga 2

  • MAC Fresco Rose
  • MAC Gesso
  • MAC Orb
  • MAC Handwritten
  • MAC Blacktrack
  • MAC #34 lashes

  • MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick

As always, start with priming your eye with your favourite primer:

Then apply MAC Fresco Rose paint pot to lid and crease:

Apply MAC Gesso to highlight and inner corner:

Then soften the edge between Gesso and Fresco Rose by applying MAC Orb to lid and under highlight:

Apply MAC Handwritten to outer V, and continue applying all the way to crease and a bit over in the inner corner:

You may soften the Handwritten with Orb:

Apply MAC Handwritten quite heavily all the way along lower lashline:

Use nude pencil to waterline (I used Isadora's Blonde pencil):

Then draw the "Gagastyle eyeliner". Don't start right from the inner corner, leave a bit of space before you start the line. Make it thick and winged:

Apply mascara:

Then falsies, I used MAC #34:

Finish with nude lipstick, I of course used MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2:

Without the wig (this was also my LOTD, I just darkened the brows a bit):


  1. so cool! xoxo
    please visit my blog :)

  2. UAL ! this is amazing !

  3. Sooo beautiful! :) it looks just like her. I really like this shade on you

  4. Really nice, I love the way you did the eyeliner.

  5. Wow! spectacular job! BEAUTIFUL!

  6. This is beautiful- honestly, I quite like the look on you better than on Gaga, lol. I think she looks just a touch sickly (I guess where she is so thin?) But on you, it's very reminiscent of old- Hollywood glamour.

  7. looks beautiful on you .. wish i had ivory skin sometimes ... nude lipsticks usually make me look dead, lol

  8. OMG!!! Who is Lady Gaga and who is you????
    You are an artist!!

  9. Wow this is amazing, I love it and it looks perfect!

  10. Dayuuuuum girl! what a fantastic job!

  11. Mahtavaa työtä! Todella kaunis meikki!

  12. Oh my gosh you don't know how excited I am to try this!! I have been wanting to try this look out!! I saw the poster again today when I walked by the MAC store in the mall and it reminded me... so awesome!! :D

  13. Omg, that's crazy good!!! You nailed it absolutely ... gorgeous!

  14. nice shade! it's funny how much makeup does to a look because you look so much alike in those pics.. :D

  15. Hei ois nii kiva jos tekisit joskus videotuton (:

  16. Damn, it looks amazing! I really like it! ^^ Before I opened the post I already knew (just by looking at the picture) that it's a Gaga inspired MU, from her last Mac collab. YAY!

    love your blog

  18. I love it, as all the looks you do, and this step by step photographies are really helpful and professional, thanks a lot, very good JOB.

  19. Wow! That handwritten eyeshadow looks gorgeos and so does the makeup of course. I wish I had your talent.

  20. Then draw the "Gagastyle eyeliner". Don't start right from the inner corner, leave a bit of space before you start the line.


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