Mar 9, 2011

Crazy Makeup Lady = Wonder Woman?


From Black Swan to Wonder Woman!

Yesterday was the release of MAC's Wonder Woman collection in Finland, and I went to check out what it had to offer.
Not much as it turned out, but the best thing was free. INSPIRATION.

But these weren't free:

I ended up buying the purple mascara (Victorious), #44 lashes (They were sold me as part of WW collection, but the real lashes from the collection are #48 :S) and Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick.

More of them (and other recent MAC stuff) later, but now the Wonder Woman:

I also made my nails to match ;D

Then the Lady Gaga lipstick.

As soon as I saw the promo images, I knew I had to have it.
I love Creme D'nude, and this one is a bit more yellow-ish than it.

Here's comparison between Gaga2 and Creme D'Nude, you can see that Creme D'Nude is paler and pinkier than Gaga2:

Then the lashes...

And finally the mascara, I bought it mainly because I wanted something from the collection that had the awesome package:

Unfortunately I can't really recommend this to anyone, unless you like your lashes looking like this:
Clump, clumpier, OPULASH.
It feels like glue.

I tried to comb my lashes after the mascara, but it doesn't really work. The color starts falling of, and the comb doesn't really come through the lashes.
But finally I managed to get them a bit less clumpy looking:
Shame, since the color is pretty, and it shows up pretty good too.

But when we're talking about purple, I have to introduce Noir Plum eyeshadow from Peacocky collection.
I managed to find it from Brigette's Boutique, and decided to buy it.
And I'm happy I did!

I works like a dream on black base. I used MAC's Slick Black Greasepaint stick on base, and this is how it looks:

Isn't that the most amazing metallic dark purple ever?

And here it is used with Paparazz-she and Cranberry:

And here's a small comparison of different MAC purples:

And last but not least my new Paint Pot Baby, Dangerous Cuvée:

Pretty sheer silver with a hint of something darker that I can't really catch :D

Here's Dangerous Cuvée on lid:


  1. WW MakeUp is soooooo cool! I like it!

  2. No nyt sä sen löysit :) olet ihmenainen ja look sen mukainen. Ihana <3

    R vei sen meikkipaletin kouluun ja ei meinanneet muut uskoa, että mistä se sen sai :D Kiitos vielä kerran <3

  3. It's PHENOMENAL what you can do!

  4. Nice nails! Luckily some of the stuff from the collection were sold out in UK already when I went to MAC store so only came out with eyeshadow palette. I was thinking about getting the new Gaga lipstick too but I think Creme d'Nude might be closer to my own skintone so that would be better for me.

  5. If you want a nice purple mascara try the Barry M one, its a bit darker than that one but its very nice.

  6. loving the looks! I've been in a very Wonder Woman-ey mood of late, makeup looks and your nails look similar to a NOTD I did, but yours are defo better!

    gorgeous Wonder Woman logo on the face though!


  7. Those nails are ace!
    I have to say, the Opulash mascara is the first MAC mascara I have ever liked, but it's not amazing. I have previously found MAC mascaras too 'wet' in the past, with excess product making my lashes lumpy and clumpy... this is more a dry clumpy one. It makes dots on the end of my lashes but I love the green colour so much (I got Army of Amazons).

  8. I like the wonderwoman look you did. When I went to my local MAC counter the girls working there had big stars and stuff on their foreheads because of the whole wonderwoman theme, but it looked really bad (which is kinda weird since they're supposed to have make up artistry training). Whereas your's looks super cool. It would of been awesome if they did something more detailed like you did :D instead of half smudged off stars lol.

  9. Ahh that mascara is so scary although I love the color and the packaging.

    Your WW look is awesome though.
    And so is the thing that you did with the Plum Noir. I swore to myself that I would never buy a single MAC makeup item besides nail polish, but that shadow is pushing me.

  10. Once again, an awesome look! Btw check out your mail, I'll be waiting for my package ;)

  11. Wowch! That purple color is ah-mazingggg!! Love it! And you got really create with the Wonder Woman look! Congrats! Kisses! ^.^

  12. Ihana loook! :D Ite ostin just Stargazerin violetin mascaran ja toimi kyllä hyvin mulla, ei paakkuuntunut hirveemmin kun kärsivällisesti laitto. :D Värejäkin oli monta valittavissa, suosittelenn! :)

  13. love those MAC purples!! me thinks i'll make a trip to MAC this weekend, yessss!!!

  14. I love your nails så creative!

  15. that is so totally cool. nails are so sick!!! will be rushing off iminantly to do my nails like that!! you are so right, inspiration is worth a huge portion of these kind of colaborative efforts by mac. it's unfortunate that their promotional material isn't as good as the packaging. so much potential! thanks for filling the gap. :)

  16. Mun ikuinen metsästykseni täydellisestä violetista sen kuin jatkuu. En saanut Opulashin violettia kyllä paakkuuntumaan tuolla tavalla (kuva blogissani), kuinka monta kerrosta oikein laitat vai mitä me teemme erilailla? Mulla ongelmana oli puolestaan se, että väriä en siitä saanut juurikaan irtoamaan...

    Kun vaan Make Up Store rupeis tekeen shokkiväriripsareitaan myös violettina. Sit ois onni elämässä. :)

  17. How lovely! I just adore your Wonder Woman look, and the purple and silver eyeshadows are awesome. Sucks about the mascara, though. I was tempted by it, but I'm glad to find out in advance that it's bad.

  18. Waaaauw, that's pretty amazing <3

  19. Wow! In awe cause you're awesome! Thanks for giving me something to aspire to.

  20. Wow its really Nice post. Its inspiring makeover. :)

  21. Yesterday was the release of MAC's Wonder Woman collection in Finland, and I went to check out what it had to offer.


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