Feb 13, 2011

Bobby Brown Sandwash palette pics & swatches

I got this palette a while back, and here's some pics and swatches:

Palette it self is really small:

Pigtured with regular (small) sized MAC shadow

Shadows are beautiful, but a bit too light and similar to each other. But if you want mostly some shine, not really color, this works great:

 And swatches:

I like the pure white one, it's great for highlight, and the gold/purple nest to it is great too. I think that the peachy ones are maybe a bit too similar to each other.


  1. It looks interesting in the pan, but I don't think it'd suit me. Bet it'd look good on you, though!

  2. Wow with those swatches you can see how similar the peach/brown shades are. I wonder if you'd even be able to tell them apart if more than 1 was used on the eye. That purple with the bronzy duochrome looks pretty though.

  3. ooh the colours are nicely pigmented and would look great in summer i like i do!

  4. Lovely colors and a great swatch! :) Bronzy shades are pretty appealing.


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