Jan 16, 2011

Tutorial: Peacocktail

One more peacock look, I guess this is my favourite:

Products used:
  • Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
  • Fyrinnae Hypercool
  • Ben Nye Mermaid Green
  • MAC The Family Crest
  • MAC Heritage Rouge
  • MAC Cocomotion
  • Ben Nye Iced Gold
  • MAC Black Line Pearlglide liner
  • Mascara

Prime your eye with Pixie Epoxy:

Apply Hypercool all the way to the middle of the lid (I would suggest a dupe of this, by so far I haven't found anything even close to Hypercool):

 Then apply Ben Nye Mermaid Green to inner corner (Basicly any light green eyeshadow will do):

Then apply MAC The Family crest to crease (again, you can use whatever dark/black shadow with green/brown/blue colored glitter in it):

Then MAC Heritage Rouge above The Family Crest (or some metallic brown/bronze shadow):

Blend Heritage Rouge with MAC Cocomotion pigment (or some similar light, metallic brownish shadow):

Apply highlighter (in my case Ben Nye Iced Gold) so that it also blends Cocomotion :

Then line your lower lashline with Fyrinnae Hypercool:

 Continue the bonze/copper/brown color to lower outer corner (I mixed Heritage Rouge and Cocomotion):

Then line your upper lashline, I chose MAC Black Line pearlglide liner because of the glitter, but you can easily use black liner or some glittery eyeshadow to lining if you wish:

Then I lined my waterline with MUFE aqua pencil 12L (soory for the horrible pic :D:D):

Apply mascara:

and the look is done!

If you want to add some extra glam to the look, you can gently apply MAC Reflects Transparent Teal (or similar) to oomph the look even more :D


  1. Ohhh I love it.
    This make up is awesome.
    I love colors.
    Great job!!

    If u want visit me:
    xoxo ;*

  2. wow hypercool is so gorgeous, I just love it...I like this look. Your eyes are so catchy with these colors.

  3. i love your tutorials... they r always perfect :)
    btw i'll try Peacocktail look even if i don't have Hypercool :)

  4. beautiful but it misses navy violet

  5. absolutely gorgeous! i love the gold/browns to make it sparkle even more

  6. just fabulous!
    I really enjoy every post from your blog!

    Kisses and take care!

  7. wonderful!!! To Try it!

  8. So gorgeous! Hypercool is an absolutely stunning color, it looks great with the others you used. <3

  9. Really gorgeous. I haven´t words. Absolutely amazing like always =^.^=

  10. Amazing as always! I wish I could apply makeup half as well as you do it.

  11. I love it! I think this is my favorite look on you. I love that you included a tutorial with it! Thanks! <3


  12. Hiya! I love your looks. I haven't commented here much but I have been lurking for ages ;) I gave you a blog award!! http://persephonespassion.blogspot.com/2011/01/blog-award.html

  13. you can never do too many peacocklooks, I want more!:)

    Im thinking about a new peacocklook for my peacockoutfit(fantasy fair), im getting lots of inspiritaion from you.

  14. You do wonderful looks for eyes! You have a very pretty eye color and a great eye shape an size for dramatic makeup. Excellent photography, as well.

  15. Heti alko soimaan Katy Perryn Peacock- biisi päässä kun näin tän :D

  16. Heya! Appreciate all you've put together in this blog so far. You're very creative and your tutorials are great. I'm a beginner and I'm already recreating some of your looks.

    Great job, don't stop <3

  17. It would be really helpful if you put all the pictures of the steps on a 8.5 x 11 printable sheet. I usually have to do this manually with Photoshop. I print them out poke holes in it and put it in my wife's beauty notebook.

  18. you've made it look so easy! please tell me. how do you make sure the eye shadow doesn't sprinkle onto your cheek...i cannot seem to get to the end with little smudges of powder the fall on my face!!

  19. Really cool ! Excited about doing it


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