Nov 20, 2010

A Tartan Haul

Hahaa, finally, Tartan!

I didn't really wait this collection, but I ended up hauling quite much :3
My original plan was to get only the pigments, but I got interested in one of the palettes, and ended up getting two more pearlglides as well.

  • Moonlight Night
  • Later.
  • The Family Crest
  • Beauties Play It Cool
Pearlglide Pencils:
  • Black Line
  • Petrol Blue
  • (Undercurrent)
Misc (these were ordered from
  • Tartan bag
  • Zoom Lash mascara

Let's start with the palette, 6 Beauties Play It Cool :

First the packaging:

Then the colors:
Silverwear, Hold My Gaze, To The Ball
Altered State, Magic Moor, Heather Belles

Then swatches:

My favourites:
Hold My Gaze. OMFG. I love it. It's gray and golden, sorta platinum shade. Love!
To the Ball is also really awesome, true matte (well, SATIN) , but still really pigmented. I guess this is taupe?
Silverwear is great highlighter for coller looks.
Heather Belles is really slightly shimmery grayish black, great one to deepen looks.

Swatches on lid:

One more thing about the palette.
The "brush" that came with the palette:
"China" is the only thing it says. Doesn't really make me thrust it :3

Then the pencils:

I owned Undercurrent already, but since it's part of Tartan collection, I swatched that one too:

Pure awesomeness. They last great, are supersoft and look amazing. What else can you ask?

Then the pigments:

Funny enough, these were the things I wanted the most, but the one that really won me over was the palette :D

I mean, these nothing wrong with these, the all are really awesome:
I especially love The Family Crest!

Here's some looks I've done with these:

Hold My Gaze + The Family Crest

Construtivist paint pot + The Family Crest + Black Line

Undercurrent + Moonlight Night

Undercurrent + Partylicious + If  It Sparkes.. + Later + Petrol Blue + MUFE 12L pencil on waterline


  1. Crap, makes me wish I did pick up Family Crest! I kept hoping part of the collection had my Fraser tartan pattern :D It's ugly as hell but it would have been sweet!

  2. Great post! You do the best swatches :) I got undercurrant, it's the most amazing thing ever!!! :D

  3. I managed to convince myself not to get that palette but you have convinced me back! Did you apply the swatches on top of a base? If so, what base did you use?

  4. Sugarbumpkin, I used only moisturizer / foundation :)

  5. Oi flor, tudo bem querida?

    Estou te adicionando como amiga e quero te apresentar o meu blog

    de maquiagem, moda e beleza

    Me chamo Aline e quero trocar idéias com você, fazer amizade....

    Sou do PR, e você de onde é?


    Se quiser me seguir Twitter @linecbs

  6. Undercurrent and Family crest are so beautiful.Specially Undercurrent!

  7. Pigment Later is really awesome!!!

  8. Wow! Swatches on the eyes are awesome! Hope you will do that more!

  9. The liners are gorgeous, and I actually like the look of the pigments - from other swatches I saw I thought they were too dark for my liking, but I love how they look in your swatches.

    Love the eye swatches too, they're *really* helpful ^__^

  10. "Hold my gaze" works exactly as promised...
    Thanks for the swatches!

  11. I LOVE the pigments, totally gorgeous!


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