Nov 4, 2010

MUFE = My Ultimate Fall Effort

Hello sweeties!

Autumn sucks :( It's dark, cold and rainy all the time, and my inspiration has gone someplace warm and nice. And it didn't take me with it :(

But I've been trying to bring some color to my life lately:

 My today's look:
(Lashes are Marlliss 088)
And without the lashes:

 Yesterday my LOTD was like this:

 And the day before that I went with purple:
(Lashes Marlliss 93)

As you maybe can tell, I got some new MUFE colors, and now my palette is full:
#09, #92, #101, "#03, #70
#2, #304 (diamond), #83, #41, #48

Did you already checked out my review of Kat von D palette?

 Oh, many of you wanted to know what lashes I used in my last post, in this look.
They are the lashes from Kat von D's palette, looking like this in the box:


  1. I luv your looks!! Sooo jealous LOL!!! Awesome work Chica!!!! I luv ur blog!!

  2. Ohhh these are soo pretty! One of these days, can I recreate one of your looks (link your blog on the post of course)?

  3. Gorgeous, I love them all, especially the first and last looks! Such beautiful colors <3
    I've never heard of Marlliss lashes but gosh they are pretty! I'll have to find out where to buy them because I really want some now. ;3

  4. All beautiful looks! I especially like the second one!

  5. Aww don't say that Autumn is my favorite season!! All the brown leaves and it's not so hot anymore... and it's not really cold either, and i love the rain! hahaha
    Love the looks though, they're definitely not Autumn inspired ^_^

  6. Awesome all!!! But for me,the second one its amazing Love, love, love !

  7. the first picture is so beautiful ! perfect !!!

  8. I love your looks :) They're always very inspiring

  9. are you no longer doing tutorials?

  10. Hei, nöyrä kysymys :) Koskahan arvot sen 120:n luomivärin paletin? Odottelen täälä niin innolla, etten meinaa tuolilla pysyä :D

  11. Hei!
    Tuossa toisiksi viimeisessä meikissä rajaukset ovat aivan upeat, millä teet ne? :o Minulla on aina hankaluuksia saada ne lähelle ripsien tyveä :/

    Ja yhdyn myös Marjon kommenttiin... ^ :P
    Terv. Emma

  12. Thank you so much for letting us know about the lashes! :)

    And my God, these looks are amazing! The colours are so beautifully vibrant! <3

  13. your eye make ups look so beautiful! love all the colors ♥

  14. really love this makeup colors..good job

  15. wow. that first photo is incredible!


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