Oct 17, 2010

Who's the darkest of them all?


I've had  a totally crazy week, my son bumped his head and we had to get his forehead glued and my husband was ill, I had the Gaga gig..
I have to say that I'm a bit relieved that the week is over :D Hopefully next week won't be so crazy.

But I had a makeup moment, and I decided to try and do somekind of dark fairy look.
Here's how it turned out:

Both upper and lower lashes are from Madame Madaleine, Elise lashes. 
In the makeup there's MAC She Who Dares, Kelly Green pigment, NYX Jumbo pencil Lemon, Illamasqua Alchemy eyeliner... and some other stuff :P

Then some random looks:

Look from day before yesterday:

Geek Chic Cosmetics Gray Matter, Six and Game Over.

 Gaga ( or Xtina) inspired look 10/14:

 28 neutral palette, MAC Pro longwear Love Forever! + NYX Dolly Pink lipgloss.

 Supergreen from 10/10:

MAC She  Who Dares MSF, and... Ummm.. Perhaps MAC Emerald Green/Kelly Green pigment.

Peacock inspired look from 10/13:

I have to admit that I have no memory what I used, but I'd guess MAC Emerald Green pigment and Bronze pigment. And Undercurrent liner.

And my new mask:


  1. These are jaw droppingly fantastic!!

  2. Holy sh- Törkeän makee maski :O Mistä ihmeestä hankit?

  3. awesome work! that mask is craziness!
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  4. The teeth with the bat mask are frightening!

    Love the looks. Hope your little one and hubby get well soon. :)

  5. what kind of teeth you have in last picture ? awesome :)

  6. amazing looks! always a inspiration!

  7. my gosh you are such an inspiration. every look is GORGEOUS! i would love to see a tutorial for the dark fairy look!

  8. How do you apply ProLongwear? I can't seem to make it work for me!
    Thanks for the tutorial, I will try this look!

  9. Love the Dark Fairy look and the pink lips in the Gaga look :)

  10. Very inspiring looks, and that mask, lol!! I'm so curious about what kind of look this one will end up in.

    By the way, the article about you has gone online on our blog yesterday, very enthustiastic comments about you! :D

  11. I love all your looks. Great job! :)



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