Oct 11, 2010

Wasn't me


I had my first makeup presentation ever, and here's some photos from there. Thanks Pete H. for the images!

My model was my dear friend, J:

But why so serious?
I used quite large variety of products, some MSCHIC, some Fyrinnae, Maybelline, MUFE, MAC, Manly 120 color palette...:

Here's the first look finished:

I added some dark shadows over it, changing it to dark look:

Then I transformed it into creepy zombie/death look:

Looks quite cool!

I was asked to do blue and green look to other eye, and this is what I did:

Here's both looks :D

I had a lot of fun, hope everyone else there had too!

I hope I'll get the MAC She Who Dares/ My Dark Magic post up soon, pictures, swatches and looks done with them!

Check out also my review on Sigma's retractable kabuki Miss Taylor:


  1. loved the blue green look! very pretty...all of it was quite cool


  2. That's really cool! J looks like she was beat up on her left side!!! Very real looking.

  3. Love the first look and the zombie look XD

  4. love your blog dear..you are so talented...really.

  5. Oh my god congratulations!! it was about time!

  6. Missä olit meikkailemassa kaveriasi?


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