Oct 20, 2010

Sugar for the pink Queen!


See how hard I try to be creative?

I've done several x-treme look lately :D
This was done mainly because I wanted to use my pink wig:

Lashes are again from Madame Madelaine, both upper and lower lashes. And yes, you saw right, they are nail stickers ;D

Then my today's look with Sugarpill Darling, Stella and Midori:

 Yesterday I was wearing something bright, Sugarpill Buttercupcake, Midori and Afterparty:

And I almost forgot!

Remember my Red Queen look?

Amy used that look as an inspiration to make a beautiful card, and she was so sweet that she sent one for me!
Check it out:

I think it's always an honor to be inspiration to someone, but especially these kind of things are just way too awesome!
Thank you Amy! <3

Also, bloggingbeauties.nl did an article of me with an interview, check it out here:

You might want to use google translator :D

And coming up:
Wicked Geisha look with Sugarpill, and possibly a tutorial too!


  1. You are sooooooooooo talented! I just love reading your blog.

  2. Oh my goodness how incredible. I love your artistic skills all the looks are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing xx

  3. Wooooow! The pink look is amazing!

  4. i already showe my appreciation of the pink look on facebook. i LOVE the green look, and PLEASE give us a tutorial on the geisha look.

    btw , what ever happened with the job application at MAC?

  5. I love the pink look! What do you have on your lips in that one?

  6. Waaauuuuw your pink look, awesome! And I'm really looking forward to more geisha pictures :D

    Thank you so much for mentioning our blog about the interview :D

  7. Oh my god, those spider lower lashes = <3333

  8. OMG!! I am stunned :) excellent work. Love all the looks

  9. I am really fan of what you do, it is a real pleasure of seeing your works.

  10. I love reading and looking at the photos on your blog because that's how amazing your makeup work are!
    Can't wait for more post here :)


  11. Really gorgeous!
    I have found your blog today, but have not found a Look i do not like, all of the are sooooo great.

  12. wow...I think "artist" doesn't even get close to express how good you are :)

  13. Moikka!
    Oon itekkin miettinyt ton Sigma mainoksen lisäämistä blogiini, mutta ajattelin kuitenkin kysyä jos se mielestäsi kannattaa.. ? Oletko tienannut sillä yhtään mitään? :)

  14. too much girl thats so much over the top even tho its for halloween and all but yea

  15. Osaispa itekkin ees puolet tosta, mitä sä :D Aivan järjettömän upeita meikkejä ja muodonmuutoksia! Että joku voikin olla noin taitava! :) Kiitos monista inspiraatioista!

  16. your imagination is gorgeous!!!

    I'd like so much to have little money to buy "peruques" and other attachments to let speak my imagination too

    it's so beautiful I sould make new makeup too


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