Sep 22, 2010

Tutorial: Venomous Villain with MAC Melon and Push the Edge

Many of you have asked a tutorial of my dr. Facilier LOTD so here it is!

Start with priming your lid:

Then apply Melon pigment to whole eye area:

Then take a thin brush and do thin line to crease with Push the Edge:

The take blending brush and blend some Push the Edge to outer corner above the crease:

Then Push the Edge to inner corner above the crease:

Then take a pencil brush and blend the crease:

Then take a black pencil and line your upper ad lower lashline:

Again, take the small brush again, and do a line with Push the Edge:

Then use a liquid liner to line your upper and lower lashline. Do wing to inner corner, and two to outer corner:

Fill out the wing parts with white gel liner:

Line your waterline with black:

Add mascara:

And false lashes if you prefer:


  1. Just great! I have not these tones but I love purple and I think I might try to do something similar with other palettes.


  2. Amazing tutorial thanks so much. What liner is the white one please? It looks great xx

  3. just WOW. I need mor free time to try this one out :)

  4. I luv your blog...your looks are just fckn awesome!!!!

    This one was just the cherry on my sundae =)

  5. Oh, dear! Your make up looks are so fantastic, I think that make up that is use is just a waste of product and time... You're awesome and I think you already know it, but I just want to make sure. Keep up the good work, I love it!

  6. oh my freaking crap this is GORGEOUS! i have to try it!

  7. Love it..

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