Sep 11, 2010

Tutorial: Bloodline of a Shroom


This is one super easy look, if you want something dark and mysterious, but not too dark or goth.

You need:
  • MAC Artifact Paint Pot
  • MAC Bloodline pigment
  • MAC Shroom eyeshadow
  • Black eyeliner (I used liquid eyeliner, and gel liner for waterline)
  • Mascara
  • (MAC #34 false lashes)

 So, base your lid with MAC Artifact.:

Then apply MAC Bloodline all over the lid, blend gently upwards:

Then MAC Shroom, to both blend Bloodline and lighten the look a bit:

Apply Bloodline to your lower lashline:

Line your upper lashline and lower lashline with black liner. Make a small wing to both inner and outer corners:

Then line your waterline with black:

(I added a double wing to my look, you can do that if you want too.)
Add mascara, and look is done:

Then I added MAC #34 falsies to enhance the look:

I paired with nude glossy lips:


  1. Olet aivan tajuttoman kaunis ja meikkisi ovat aivan uskomattoman upeita!

  2. Very nice and sexy !

  3. I think this is really gorgeous :)

  4. Beautifull , thank you :)
    dont have artifact, but i own bloodline and shroom , ill try that :)

  5. I did a similar look a few weeks back :)
    Love the eyeliner :)

  6. oh wow.. breath takingly hott. I cant wait to try this. and the look is named after my fave Slayer song "bloodline" =D

  7. Nice way to use shroom I just got that colour so eager to play!

  8. verry pretty, i love it , thank you for the tutorial.

  9. very simple but very hype :) thanks !

  10. Love the look; very pin-up.

  11. Beautiful look just like all of your looks. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  12. That's beautiful! It has so much great depth to it.

  13. I love this! Very dramatic and "put-together." And wow, Bloodline is a lot darker than I'd thought it would be!

  14. At first, I didn't think I wanted bloodline, but then I saw this, and I had to have it. I ordered it, and it sat in the drawer for a couple of weeks.

    Yesterday, I used it for the first time, and oh wow! I'm in love with it!


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