Sep 12, 2010

Looks from the past week

Lately my looks have been really "normal", no bright colors, no weird liners, no odd placement, no wigs, no NOTHING.

Every day I have taken my bright eyeshadows, tried to do a look with them, but no. I end up wearing something brown, gold, warm, unsuprising.
I really need to find my inspiration to use colors again -_-

This was my look from 8/9, using Sugarpill Dollipop:

My 9/9 look was so boring I didn't even take a photo of it, but my look-for-fun was much more interesting :D

Done with:
MAC DSquared Greasepaint Stick in V (base)
Sugarpill Hysteric (lid)
Sugarpill Poison Plum (crease)
Sugarpill Dollypop (above Poison Plum)

And my Cocktail look (I was going to cocktail party, but skipped 'cos I still felt ill), done with UD BoS II (Mushroom, Sellout, Gunmetal and Twice Baked):

And the Emilie Autumn tutorial is coming probably tomorrow and a small quide to highligh is coming soon too.


  1. All are lovely! With the BoS II look, where did you place each color? I love this one, my fav!

  2. LOVE the purple one. Man, you a really nice job with the purpley colors!

  3. The purple one is my favorite but all look great, as always :D

  4. all the looks are very pretty :) WOW i love the purple one a lot

  5. i love the purple one, deff going the try it out. especially since i finally got me some sugarpill products :)


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