Aug 11, 2010

Stormy Season


I made a new tutorial for you today, result looks like this:
I got my inspiration from DanzigSpice, who sent me this photo:

Here's a closeup:

..and here's my version:

How did i do? :D

Check out the tutorial from here:
MSCHIC Vampy tutorial

And if you don't have MSCHIC products, I guess you can use some gray shadow, some light blueish purple, and black shadow :)

My latest Fyrinnae order arrived yesterday, with full-sized In the Spotlight highlighter, full-sized Hypercool eyeshadow and several samples:

Polar Bear:
Kinda platinum, but still quite gold.

Dragon's Wing:
Light green with some golden glow. Looks darker in this pic than it is IRL.

Sugar Skulls:
Really cool-looking pink with gold glitter.

Super pretty, pigmented dark plummy purple.

New Moon's Light:
Blueblueblue with some purple sparke, super ELECTRIC!


Glow blushes:



Yesterday's makeup , with Fyrinnae Polar Bear and Freya, and an hint of Inglot #86 pigment:

And my today's look, with just Inglot Pure Pigment #86, Fyrinnae Sugar Skulls and hint of black shadow in outer corner:

Chameleon color, how awesome is it? I love it <3

Oh well, that all this time!


  1. OMG!! This is totally awesome, you did a fantastic job. IMO, better then the pic. Love the lashes, you amaze me. Thank you so much for choosing my pic for your blog. Im just so excited. Gosh, you are just too amazing for words. =)

  2. Amazing looks! as're an artist!

  3. It does have a chameleon color to it...which I LOVE!!

  4. ya, your face looks better than the pic! brilliant! and todays look is beautiful as well

  5. Very nice!

  6. Gah! Your take to it is amazing, you always pull up wowing ideas and make them incredible. :)

  7. omg freya & polar bear = gorgeous! and your version is way way better! gosh your eye looks are breath taking. it's like a scenery, with sky's the limit with what you can do!!

  8. I really like your interpretation of that look.
    Nice Blog, I will be following you

  9. I absolutely adore Fyrinnae products! Their eye shadows are just amazing and lip lustres are gorgeous! :)

  10. All of these are amazing. I really love the last look, the colours are gorgeous.

  11. love the metallics! come follow me xoxo

  12. Those lashes are ridiculously awesome <3 and great swatches of those Fyrinnae shadows! I love the look of Polar Bear and Dragon's Wing :)

  13. Your version is so beautiful! OMG! It's just breath taking.

  14. Todella upee meikki! Paljon siistimpi kun tossa mallikuvassa! :)

  15. Gorgeous! The look and the swatches.. Can you tell me the differece between Fyrinnae Parental Advisory and New Moon's Light? Pretty please :D

  16. Gorgeous! You are so talented!!


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