Aug 9, 2010

Greedy Girl

Hello everyone!

I had a great day today.

1. I did some cool shopping
2. I had great time with friend
3. I ate good food
4. I did quite good job in my Greed
5. We had an awesome thunder storm here

Wohoo :)

Anyway, greed is done:

Lashes are from Inglot, but the same lashes are sold under several brands, ie. Sugarpill.

So here's what I shopped today:

Inglot lashes 11S
Inglot Pure Pigment 86
Inglot Gel Liner 79
Make Up Store nail polish Maria

Inglot Gel liner 79:

Red eyeliner, that I was planning to use as a base, just like I use the white eyeliner occasionally too.
Creamy, pigmented, super long lasting - I love these from Inglot.

Inglot Pure Pigment #86:

I didn't plan to buy this one, I had a lilac Pure Pigment in mind, but something in this just made me buy it. Texture reminds me of MAC's Reflects Bronze, which is more pigment than glitter, and so is this.
This is really rusty looking with some gold tones, and pink flash.


And my Frankenstein nail polish:
Yeah, it's really that greenish gray <3

Then I promised to show better my new MUFE shadows.

I'll start with the legend, MUFE #92:
I really don't know what to say about it.
I'd like to say that I love it, but.
It needs a bit work to show properly on lid and it stains.
Sure it's amazing color, but. I don't know. I hope I'll learn to love it, I really do.

Diamond shadow #304:
I needed to pick up four colors, and I decided to take this because I wanted a fresh light lime green, and I wanted a bit of sparkle to it, so this was my choise. This is a bit paler than I expected, but it's still really neat color.

Blush #48:
I really son't know what I was thinking when I ordered this as a blush :D Maybe because Sephora said this to be "Rust Orange 48 (deep brownish orange)", and I thought it would be more toned down, since it was listed under blushes. Well, it's also listed under eyeshadows, so I think I use this as an eyeshadow them :D


And then finally my today's look with MUFE #304 and Too Faced Moon Beam:


  1. Love these looks. I think the next weekly challenge on MUG should be the seven sins.

  2. I think I'll skip MUFE #92 then :( I have problems working with Sugarpill's Poison Plum in the crease, so I don't think its worth it for me to get another purple thats trouble to work with and stains.

  3. Amazing. You're soooo talented!
    The red gel liner looks awesome x

  4. hello
    greetings new shadows are spectacular makeup or ask you what you do because gutta .. tnenia a doubt and I even wrote a mail Cando tegas not receive any reply I wait a while I congratulate you for your reply Makeup pas me visiting your blog

  5. You're the best, I love your makeups and the way you describe it. Congrats! ;-)

  6. hey jang. looooooooooved your make todayyy

    -as usual...

    could you do something with red eyeliner??

  7. awesome lashes! I love the powder below your eyes/on the cheeks, it has a certain glow, really cool.

  8. Greed looks awesome! But my fav is still lust :)


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