Jul 1, 2010

Royally sugared peacock in Asylum


My sugarpill babies came home today!

Let me introduce you to Asylum and Royal Sugar Loose eyeshadows:

Here's the size comparison between MAC pigment jar and Sugarpill jars:

Sugarpill 5g / .18oz - MAC 4,3g / .15oz

Asylum is really pretty metallic red with red tiny glitter.

Royal Sugar:
I love it. Matte "true blue" with light blue glitters.
It's likeMAC's old Royal Blue pigment and MAC Reflects Transparent Teal made a baby!


They are bot supergorgeous shades, but there's one BUT in Asylum.
It's this:
It's really super close dupe of TKB Hot Mama, Pure Luxe OMG, BftE Addicted, Lime Crime Siren... and all the other companies that sell the same red.
I'm not saying it's repacked. I'm just saying that it's really close dupe.

Can you tell the difference?

Anyway, this is minor detail for me, 'cos I love that red, and I only had samples of it before, so I'm still happy :D But if you already own a full-size dupe of this, I guess you don't need this one.

But check out how awesome Royal Sugar looks over deep purple base:
Like wow, true, pure LOVE!

Then finally a look I made with Sugarpill, using Royal Sugar, Poison Plum, Starling, Buttercupcake and Lumi:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (primer)
Sugarpill Buttercupcake (inner corner)
Sugarpill Royal Sugar (lid, above Poison Plum, lower lashline)
Sugarpill Starling (crease)
Sugarpill Poison Plum (above starling)
Sugarpill Lumi (highlight)
Gosh Extreme Art eyeliner (upper lashline)
MSCHIC Peacock Eye Stain (waterline)
Upper lashes by Bodytalk, customed with black feathers
Lower lashes by Grimas
Rhinestones from ebay

I didn't take photo's of my LOTD, 'cos I was hurry to get on the beach :D


  1. OMG I looooove those lashes so much!!!

  2. Beautiful look as always!

    Although I'm concerned about the Asylum dupes. I sort of wish I'd bought this eyeshadow because I have TKB Hot Mama already and I could have compared them. Hmm...

  3. Oh holy hell... that is a seriously hot look!

    Also, your shade comparison is incredible. Thanks for such honest and useful info!

  4. I didn't run out and buy Sugar Pills pigments because I was concerned about them being repacks. Since I already own all of Pure Luxe's pigments and several other companies pigments the chances of getting dupes is high. I'm so glad you did this post.

    I love this look. I wish that I had as much talent as you do.

  5. I love both colours, and they seem very pigmented

  6. I ordered a few colors also and I can't wait until they arrive to play with them....

  7. The eye makeup is so pretty! Love the lashes with the feathers!

  8. GORGEOUS!!.. OMG!!..I love it.. Your very creative hun..Cool fake lashes..

  9. Hei!Ois hauska tietää miksi ostat melkein tai no ihan samanvärisiä tuotteita,jotka varmasti ajavat saman asian?

  10. You are so talented! This look is scrumptious!

  11. Tää on nyt vähän off topic, mutta onko sulla käytössä MSCHICin siveltimiä? Niitä näyttäisi olevan tällä hetkellä alessa, mutta en tiedä onko niistä mihinkään. Ovatko millaisia esim. MACiin verrattuna?

    Kiitoksia jo etukäteen :)

  12. Riikka, mulla on käytössä kyllä MSCHIC:n siveltimet, tosin ei noita mitkä nyt on myynnissä, kun sain aikanaan sen kokonaisen brushrollin, missä oli omat siveltimensä.
    Mutta ainakin niiden laatu on tasan yhtä hyvää (ellei parempaakin) kuin esim. Sigman siveltimissä.
    MAC:n siveltimiä en omista yhtäkään, joten niistä en osaa sanoa.

    Anonyymi, Jos nyt viittaat tähän punaiseen, niin alunperin hankin Pure Luxen OMG:n. Myöhemmin ostin BftE:ltä Addictedin, jonka en tajunnut olevan sama väri. En silloin vielä tiennyt mistään mineral mayhemeistä tai muista.
    Sugarpillin hankin, koska kuvittelin sen olevan reilusti erisävyinen, kun noiden edellisten. Mulla on jo pitkään ollut etsinnässä se "täydellinen punainen", ja siksi eri sävysiä ja merkkisiä punaisia luomivärejä onkin kerääntynyt useita.

  13. I think in reality Asylum is just comparable to TKB Hot Mama, because Lime Crime, Pure Luxe and BFTE all repackage to a degree, and it's quite possible those 3 are just Hot Mama in a different jar :P

    That being said, I LOVE the crazy look you did!


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