Jul 29, 2010

I'm the green fairy!

.. as you can see, I am!

This look was created with Sugarpill Absinthe, Sugarpill Junebug, NYC candy glitter liner Jade, and stargazer UV green glitter.

And here's my yesterday's look:

MUFE #41, MAC Handwritten, Sleek black, and OCC lip tar NSFW on lips.

Then my order from Aromaleigh, three Indelible Paint Pots:


NYC Cab:


And swatches:

There is just one thing I don't get in these.
They are not eye safe. What's the point of these then? I assume that they are not very lip safe either, and the colors aren't the most fitting to lips IMO.
Sure you can use them in body painting, but the size of the jar is too small for that purpose too.
I guess I'm gonna go against rules and use these as base for eyeshadow. If I get some irritation or something, I'll of course stop using them, but anyway :P
 But they are a bit dry feeling, but still pigmented. Kinda feels like mousse more than a cream. They seem to stay put pretty well also. I'm just annoyed I didn't get the red one :S

Then something complately else :D

Every girl loves plushes, right?


Well I know I do!

Here's my new huggable sweeties:

(No makeup, GASP!)

I love them! I guess you can tell it just by looking the pictures :D:D


  1. Great! looking at your blog and you are great a makeup! Fantastic job on this one!
    New follower here for sure! Hope you can check my blog out and return the favour~

  2. Great looks! Love them all


  3. that second look is perfect for you! beautiful job.
    and wow purplexed looks so pretty! i'd probably use it on the eyes anyway haha.

  4. Companion cube! *Squee*!
    Those Aromaleigh paint pots look a bit funny, they do look kinda dry!

  5. You look so classy with the second makeup! Looking forward to see some looks with those paint pots!I'm soooooooooo impressed (though I don't get the point if they're not eye safe, either)

  6. That green look is awsome,and the kitty plush is superüberhypercute:D

  7. SO pretty, all of your looks are so gorgeous.

  8. you look lovely with and without makeup :)

  9. Aromaleigh has them listed as not eye safe because of the "may contain" dye ingredients that aren't fda approved. I think she mentioned all except the red and pink should be fine for eyes. They're all lip safe too.
    Anyway, I loooove the green eyeshadow look. So sparkley and pretty~

  10. Totally gorgeous as always.. I love it.. Especially the green look..

  11. OMG, I love the green fairy make up!!!! It looks amazing! <3<3<3 And you look very pretty even without all that make up! :D

  12. fanta-fabulous work. you just luk awesome in the 2nd luk..Keep up the gud work. Cheers...Esha

  13. Pakko saada noita OCC Lip Tareja, kunhan vaan saisi aikaiseksi. Ainakin tuo punainen näyttää upealta!

  14. The green look is cool, very nice. I really like your brown look. And your swatches... omg!

  15. I have the red paint pot (as well as the black and the white), and omg it stains like hell. I think they feel kinda waxy, like theater makeup. Shiny when you put it on and you have to be very careful with the application as it can look chalky when it dries. But the colors are nice and vibrant, so I should be happy :)

  16. Does your companion cube talk to you..? ;)

  17. Fabulous like always, you are so talented!

  18. Crap. I was JUST saying to my boyfriend the other day "I hope someone makes a companion cube pillow".

    Where did you get it?

    MUFE's Flash and Aqua creams are the same. Some shades shouldn't be for eyes, some shouldn't be for lips..... But it's REALLY confusing trying to keep it straight! I just said screw it, and used them anyways. So far no issues. But yeah-that's a huge pet peeve of mine with the MUFE products, because they don't say on the product itself which its for! Only on the box it comes in, which always gets thrown away. So either you memorize it, or you look it up on the internet, if you're concerned. Confusing. At least the massive Flash Cream Palette has a list on bottom of which ones are restricted! But the individual packed ones don't. Makes no sense to me.

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  20. you have a weighted companion cube plush?! i am absolutely jealous. i'm supposed to get one for my birthday from someone special :3c
    love your looks! x

  21. This is so pretty! I absolutely love the green : )

  22. Hi! I love the green look!!
    I'm following your blog!!
    Visit my blog and follow me too!!:)
    I will be happy!! :)))


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