Jun 28, 2010

When galaxies collide

 Hello sweeties!

My today's look was made with Sugarpill Burning Heart palette, NYX Glitterliner Hot Pink and  Stargazer orange glitter:

I actually love how the glitter showed up.

Then something that I haven't done here before, I'll give you...


Three names I go by:
1 - Jangsara
2 - Kata
3 - Karita

Three jobs I have had:
1 - Nothing...
2 - ...to...
3 - ....mention

Three places I have lived:
1 - Korso
2 - Anjalankoski
3 - Espoo

Three favorite drinks:
1 - Coffee
2 - Soda
3 - Juice

Three TV shows I watch:
1 - True Blood
2 - Supernatural
3 - House M.D.

Three places I have been:
1 - Spain
2 - Sweden
3 - Estonia

Three places I would like to visit:
1 - USA
2 - Egypt
3 - Japan

Three people who text me regularly:
1 - Nobody...
2 - ..texts me...
3 - ...regulary

Three favorite old TV shows:
1 - 4400
2 - Taken
3 - Angel

Three favorite dishes:
1 - Greek salad
2 - PIZZA!
3 - Deep fried shrimps :D

Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:
1 - Primer
2 - Eyeshadows
3 - Foundation

Three things I'm looking forward to:
1 - Receiving my Sugarpill stuff!
2 - Winning in lottery :3
3 - Getting rich and famous ;D

Well, now you know something about me. So when you come to Finland, you can buy me Greek salad and coffee, and I'm forever yours ;D


  1. wow, we're so alike... I'm waiting for winnig the lottery and getting rich and famous :D hahha

  2. :O...that orange glitter is FABULOUS!

  3. Gorgeous look! You should come to England when Whitby Goth Weekend is on, I think you'd find it fascinating!

  4. love this look, the glitter looks fabulous!!

  5. I seriously need more glitter in my life. Gorgeous as always :)

  6. Long time reader, first time poster here. After all of the wonderful looks, tutorials, and reviews you've shared with us, I'd gladly buy you a coffee and Greek salad. You've earned them, and then some. :-)

  7. Gorgeous!!! I see you used the Nyx Glitter Liner .. Have you tried their Glitter Cream Palette (http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/index.php?pf=GCP)? It caught my eye when I was in Ulta the other day, but I'd rather not buy something unless I'm sure it's a good product! Thanks in advance for your answer!! <3

  8. Love the look. You are always so creative with your looks. I also love that you use glitter. LOL If people wouldn't stare crazy at me I'd wear glitter everyday. LOL

  9. The colors are so pretty! Love your makeup!

  10. Nice, I love looks with red, the glitter makes it really pop.

  11. I love your look. It's so full of joy!!!

  12. If I ever go to Finland, I'll try to remember that :)

  13. Take a picture of your eyes with just mascara on, no eyeshadow :)

  14. Dude, I LOVE the 4400 and Taken. I was so pissed when the 4400 got cancelled because I felt like it was right on the most epic cliffhanger :( and Taken was just so perfect, I loved the way the stories spanned over multiple generations and families <3

    I love the multicoloured glitter liner on your top lashline here, very pretty :)


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