May 29, 2010

Winners, purple and Dior


Finally I had the time to pick up the winners of my giveaway.
Winner was chose randomly by using, and this time the lucky one was....


And suprise prizes go to:
ze German: Maria
I'll go to post office probably monday, I'll get your goodies sent out.

But anyway, onwards to my makeup.

Day before yesterday, before the Aguilera makeup, my makeup looked like this:

Done with MSCHIC's Matte Mineral eyeshadow Light Lilac and MSCHIC's Prince eyeshadow.
And Gosh Cabana Orange Jumbo lip pencil!

Then my yesterdays look, classic gray smokey, and the very first time with DIOR:

Paired wuth MAC Hue lipstick:

Last I want to say hello to the spanish reader, who calls me for example ugly imbecile: Stop reading honey, if I annoy you that much :D


  1. ^______^ thanks so much!

    I love me some mattes, so I loooove the purple look <3

  2. Congratulations all winners!
    The purple look is so beautiful. How do you like the Dior palette? You made a very nice look with it.

    About the spanish reader: how sad, just very roll-your-eyes-and-ignore-the-sillyness-cause-it's-a-waste-of-your-time-sad. I don't understand why someone would do that but I know that some people just like being nasty and obsessive so don't waste your time on it. SO not worth it.

  3. Damn I just read what you wrotte concerning the spanish reader! Waou this is sad and disgusting :(

  4. Congrats , their are so lock : )
    Little friend, are you gone do another one again, i hope to win one day too hahhaha, love this look, you need go do to my blog and see what i just have learn with you Jangsara, sorry about my english , now about the spanish read, call this vassura in spanish , in english mean Trash, you are so beautiful ! love lela : )

  5. congrats to the winners! and honey you have OUT DONE yourself once again!! awesome looks both of them :) looove your work girl!

  6. the Dior one is stunning , could be their own photo for an ad. It looks so professional !

    Caro xxx

  7. I love love love the purple look. The main shade in particular. It looks vampy to me with your dark hair. My blending always blows, otherwise I'd try to give it a go :)

    Congrats to the other ladies!!! woohoO!! :D

    And Spanish lady is just mega jealous. That's the only reason I can come up with because you are so far from uggers and she's a turd.

  8. I love the grey smoky eye, and the purple is pretty too! Gratz to the winners :)

  9. I LOVE all these looks. The purple one is my favorite, but purple is my favorite color. I love the shape of your eyes. That sounds weird lol, but it makes your looks look so much more amazing!

  10. The purple look is stunning, and you are beautiful. That person doesn't know what they're talking about. Thank you again for the win! =D

  11. Hi! The purple look is so beautiful.I'm from Spain too and love your looks, you are so talented, but in all places there're silly people... simply ignore them.


  12. Hi, Jangsara!

    I am from Brazil and i am crazy about your job! Since last year, every day I came here just to see your differents make up!!!

    I'm your fan!

  13. Congrats to the winners!!!
    The purple look is so awesome...

  14. I use DIOR makeup all the time

  15. lela3132 it's not vassura, it's basura and you're 100% right!!!! She should feel great because if someone is attacked her is because she is incredibly talented and some people (like the spanish reader) are jealous.

    I love your work girl!!!!!!!


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