May 1, 2010

Carmilla Carnivale

Hi everyone!

So I didn't do crazy tutorial for you guys yet, but I will, I promise!

But I've had some crazy looks lately :P

Here in Finland we (well not I) celebrated Vappu today and yesterday:
In Finland, Walpurgis day (Vappu) is, along with New Year's Eve and Juhannus, the biggest carnival-style festival held in the streets of Finland's towns and cities. The celebration, which begins on the evening of April 30 and continues to May 1, typically centres on copious consumption of sparkling wine and other alcoholic beverages.

So, carnival styled makeup it is then!

Today had duocrome day, I used Pure Luxe Toy Boy, MAC Steel Blue, MAC Blue Brown, SMH Fresh, SMH Rush Hour:

I liked this look so much I wore it all day, I just changed lips and brows:

Yesterday I went to get my daughter from daycare with a makeup like this:

With a wig:

And this is how I went out:

Then my day before yesterday's look, inspired by Cleopatra. I used only Aromaleigh colors with this one:

That's all this time!


  1. Love those look, the egyptian one is pretty and easier to wear :)

  2. wow, I love the whole eyebrow thing in the first look, it looks really cool :)

  3. loved the first look! very creative and I really liked the lace in the brows. Great job

  4. Esta persona llega ya a lĂ­mites de hacer el gilipollas.

    Con toda la nariz de cerdo que lleva.

  5. lace brows? HOT xD i love the last picture too ! and the devil look =P you sure know how to have fun with looks/costumes

  6. i do always love your looks - but the first one catched my attention keenly. loooove it. ^^

  7. My goodness... your looks are a great inspiration!
    An artist!!! Love the wigs too...

  8. LOL I LOVE that you wore that to daycare :D

    The full face shot with those lace brows looks really awesome :)

  9. my god! i love you girl, you should be a professional,seriously you´re awesome!
    take care :)

  10. I love the Cleopatra one :)

  11. The first look is my favourite, the lace brows are very creative :)
    The Cleopatra look is so cool!

  12. Oh wow, you're so creative! I love the fire-swan eyes and the lace brows and mask just looks amazing!


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