Mar 1, 2010

True Boring


Today was quite horrible day.

I had to get up really early to take my daughter to daycare, and I really didn't have much time to do my makeup. So I just quickly did my skin, added MSCHIC Vanilla Eyes Cream and MAD mineral Sunset Beige, and did liners, and I was done. Whole makeup took about 15 minutes.
And it looked like it too :D


When I got home, I went to shower, so after that I had to re-do my makeup all over again.
I chose my UD BoS II, and used Flipside, Jinx, Perversion and Sellout, and did this:


After that I that went to get my daughter from daycare, and it was a terrible blizzard out there, which messed up my whole makeup.
So when I got home, my makeup was all over my face, and I decided to do yet another one, even though I wasn't going anywhere :D

I also went to fleamarket, and got mysef yet another container for my sample jars!

There's now my BftE sample jars and full jars, my Mineralissima samples, my PureLuxe samples and my Ben Nye pigment samples. MAC samples are in another organizer. I'm actually really happy about this one, all jars are well organized, easy to get, clearly visible etc.

But as I went through my PureLuxe samples, I found Alloy and Kinky, and decided to do my final look with them. I paired them with MAC Deep Blue Green pigment, and Gesso eyeshadow:


But yeah, that's it, just three looks in one day :D

Ps. The topic comes from True Blood, I just watched the first episode, and I have to say I'm not really impressed yet :D I've been told that it gets better after few episodes, so I'm not giving it up yet :D

Also check out the tutorial for the purple look in my MSCHIC blog!


  1. Wow, three looks in one day... I'm lucky if I can manage one XD

  2. I actually really like the first look, even if you dont like it :P

    The next 2 are even more stunning!

  3. Hei, huomasin sun FB-sivulta että asut Järvenpäässä ja tuli siitä mieleen että voitko vinkata mistä noita säilytyslootia saa. Mulla samplet majailevat tavallisessa meikkipussissa ja halutun sävyn löytäminen on sanalla sanoen rasittavaa...

  4. Simone ,ClaudsMakeUpCorner ,SilhouetteScreams, thank you all!

    Lucy S., toi on kirpparilöytö, päällä lukee phillips, että liekkö toi joku vanha kiharrinboxi tai vastaava. Kannattaa käydä kirppareilla, ja bongata halvalla kaikkea, mikä saattais kelvata :D Esim. jääpalamuotit toimii :D

  5. Ai kappas, niinhän siinä lukikin. :D Mä en vaan ikinä löydä Jäken kirppareilta mitään kivaa, pitäisi ehkä yrittää useammin.


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