Dec 7, 2009


Okei, time for some swatching!

First Smashbox eyeliner palette, which was a bit of a disappointment. First of all, it's really tiny, about the size of a credit card. Secondly, all the color somehow look the same when swatched. but anyway, here it is:

And the swatches:

Then the NARS Night Flight. It's AWESOME. It's almost black, but at the same time it's almost electric blue. It looks and feel like velvet:

Here's swatches of NARS Night Flight with MAC Blue Flame, which is probably the closest "dupe" of Night Flight I own:

Then to my today's small haul.

Firstly, I bought Lóreal Resist&Shine laquer in red:

So the MSCHIC's SkunkGirl collection came out today, and of course I had to buy something!
I bought the SkunkLook eyeshadow, which looks really cool. It's also really pigmented, and beautiful color. It's combination of shimmery white and black. Together they make cool silverish color:

I also bought the SkunkMiracle highlight powder. I really love the glow it makes! It's really pretty, not too shimmery, but just right! And it feels really smooth:

I have to say, that I also love the packaging. It's really simple, but still pretty. I love the whole black&white theme.

And here's the swatches:

Finnish website IRC-Galleria is holding a MSCHIC contest, where you can win a job at MSCHIC, so of course I had to participate :D
The goal is to make a SkunkGirl look, and here's mine:

I took inspiration of the Skunk Girl's logo, which has a skunk's tail in it.

I made the other eye a bit more wearable, but I wanted to keep the whole stripe thing:

And here's the whole look:

Then I have to say, that I have absolutely sweet husband.
Yesterday he brought me one red rose, and he also ordered UD Book of Shadows vol. II and Kat Von D Beethoven palette for me from Ebay!
I hope they arrive soon (well, in couple of weeks at least), so I can do more looks to MUG Idea Gallery! :D

AND, I'm still waiting my SMH palette and my 28 pan neutral palette, and my BFTE order to arrive. :3


  1. Waouuuu very nice!!!
    Did you try the nars e/s?
    I bought the gold one and I'm a bit dispointed coz it's not easy to applicate and not really pigmented :(

  2. Love it!!! Could you create an 80´s inspired make-up? I´d looove to see it! :)

  3. Miltä esim. tämä skunkgirl meikki näyttää kauempaa. Ja yleensä otaen sun meikit (= et jos vaikka kävelisit vastaan miltä meikit näyttäs siinä vaihees ku yksityikohdat ei erotu?

  4. Liloo, yes, I tried the NARS makeup, and it worked just fine for me! It was easy to use and really pigmented. :S Sorry to hear that yours wasn't :/

    Anon 1, I could try :D

    Anon 2, Varmaankin jos kävelisin vastaan, niin aika sotkuiselta, koska kuitenkin joudun käyttämään laseja, joiden taakse meikit jää aika tehokkaasti. Siksipä en yleisesti ottaen ulkona kuljekaan tuollaisilla meikeillä, vaan teen tuollaisia "näyttävämpiä" meikkejä vaan himassa, yleensä joko kilpailuihin tai sitten huvin ja harjoituksen vuoksi.

  5. Nars eye shadows are very pigmented but if you are using the night flight night fever and tropic you need to apply a base before you use those, either an eye shadow primer or a cream eye shadow.
    Nars eye shadow are more pigmented than MAC.



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