Dec 3, 2009

Lady in RED.

First of all, I have to say that I'm sorry I haven't updated in few days.
It just feels that one neutral look isn't enough for a blogpost anymore.

So now I'm gonna give you 2 (crappy) fantasy looks, 3 neutral looks, and swatches.

I'm gonna start with the "better" fantasy look.

This was originally made for a contest, but I guess I'm gonna skip it. I'm just not happy enough to this.
I love the wig and the netting in hair, but I hate the eyemakeup. It has way too much of everything:


This was my first one, I loved the eyemakeup, but I thought everything else failed:

One a bit more photoshopped picture:

I'm definately not gonna enter with that one either :D

But anyway. I've had some neutral look lately:

Tuesday's makeup:

Wednsday's makeup:

And my today's makeup:

I used my new MAC Notoriety palette.

Then my nails:

Here's the MAC Notoriety palette, which I have to say was quite huge disappointment.
I think I'm gonna sell to a more loving home:

And swatches:

Them my nail polish army I've gathered in few days:

Well, that's it.


  1. We missed you :(
    But to day you are there :)
    I love your fantasy looks and what can I say 'bout your neutral one? As usual just gorgeous...
    When will you propose us ( ppl who just keep looking a your makeup looks) some challenge?

  2. I think you don't give yourself enough credit. Enjoy your talent and remember that you have a gift and a great vision to share with those around you who also love makeup! I love your design and your prop implementation. You are wonderfully talented, remember that!

  3. How about combining what you liked of both looks, and sort of adapting them to eachother? I know you're capable of amazing things, so don't say you can't.
    Lovely neutral looks, as usual =)

  4. From what collection is that palette? :O Don't think I've seen it before.

  5. I love the nails and the lady in red. Very pretty!

  6. Aah, so beautiful nails colors! Especially green and crazy colorful glitters has stolen my attention lately.


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