Nov 16, 2009


Sorry, I was just too tired to update yesterday. :(

We had the premiere yesterday, and everything went really well. Premiere was sold out, so it was quite a success :D The still have shows today, wednsday and saturday, and I'll doing their makeup :)

But anyway, my yesterday's look was made with MAC Melon piment and MAC HEritage Rouge pigment:


And my today's look is made with MAC Grape pigment, Mineralissima Aphrodite and MAC Melon pigment:


Then I'll answer to some questions I've got:

PlatinumV asked:
 ... By the way: I've noticed you change your look a lot, probably you do a try after another but... what do you use for make up remover? Does it stress your eye area?
I've found that THE BEST makeup remover EVER is Maybelline Cils Demasq.
I love it. It doen't stress my eyearea at all. Of course if I use lot of glitter, and I have to wipe my lid sevarel times, the glitters scratch a little and we all now that that isn't fun :P

Marie asked: I have to ask now... I've been a subscriber for about a week or two, but haven'tfigured out what the L in LotD stands for... Is it something in Finnish?
It's Look of the Day. I think I use LOTD a bit wrong, 'cos I rarely show my full face. I think I should start using for example EOTD (Eye of the Day) or something like that :D

 liloo asked: 
Where did you get the strass?
The "older" and colorfull strasses/rhinestones are from ebay, if you search ie. "nail rhinestone wheel", you'll find many of them :) Newer (which I haven't yet used are from Pencula webshop.

Gaah. I guess that's it for today. Sorry for the bad pics and boring text :D


  1. I just receive my pure luxe pigments, and it's just amazing...
    I LOVE your purple and melon look, I think I'm gonna do this one today ;)...

  2. the purple look is AMAZING!!!!!!!1
    do you have any tutorial videos?

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  3. I just wanted to say that I love love love your looks, your techniques and your colour combinations! You are a huge inspiration!

  4. Gorgeous as usual...wonder if sometime I'm going to be able to do looks as you do. They're flawless. :)

    By the way, may I ask what is your name? I always refer to you as jangsara...but that is a nickname, right? I'm just curious...hope you don't mind :).

    By the way, love the hair color, I've always wanted to dye mine the same...but I'm too coward though
    Take care.


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