Nov 3, 2009

OMG, Molten Metallic! UD is Pure Luxery!

My PureLuxe order arrived today, AND I also got my very first Urban Decay palette!

I'll start with the UD Ammo box:

First of all, it's really tiny, about the size of a wallet:


But the colors seem really pretty on pigmented and easy to use!

 And the Pure Luxes:

First there is Apocalypse, which is matte orange that glows in UV-light (which I don't unfortunately have). It feels soft, but is maybe a bit powderish:

Then Apparition, which glows in dark. Sadly, the quality is bad. I feels and acts just like flour. But it glows in the dark REALLY nicely. I think I have to try and foil it or something:

Here's (bad quality) pics of it in the dark:

Then Chocolate Oranges. It's nice:

Forrest. Pretty green shade, quite similar to PureLuxe pandora, but maybe this is a bit more blueish:

Jaded. Yet another pretty green with hint of gold. This one is quite light one:

Jazzy. This is similar to MAC Cornflower, but this is more bluer that Cornflower:

Kisses in the Dark. This is bit weird color, really hard to describe. It's greenish grey with gold shimmer, but it still manages to be also a bit blueish:

Metallic. It's pretty! It's really metallic orange shade, really pretty:

Molten. This is A M A Z I N G™. I love it. It looks deep red in the jar, but it's actually more brown and rusty looking on the lid. This is amazing indeed:

OMG. Yeah. Omg. It's red. It's awesome. Really stunning red:

Ouch. I thought that this would be red, bit this is really really PINK. Like HOT PINK:

 Sour Apple. Light green with gold shimmer:

Sultry. Pretty shimmery gray:

Tangerine. Well, this is still awesome shade, even though I already have it:

Pandora. Only full eyeshadow jar that I ordered, just because I like it so much:

And the Flash cubes, Glow Away that also glows in the dark (and looks like sugar) and High Society:

And here's swatches of them all (click to enlargen, if needed) :

And, last but not least, my LOTD, which is made with UD palette and my new PureLuxes:

MAC Arfifact p/p
PureLuxe Molten
PureLuxe OMG
PureLuxe Metallic
UD Oilslick
UD Maui Wowie
UD Polyester Bride
UD Sin
Lumene Natural Code eyeliner
MF FLE mascara


  1. LOVE love love the LOTD. Gorgeous!

  2. I was sure you'd love UD shadows ;-))

  3. Beautiful, as always..i admire your talent and creativity :)

  4. Ohhh, that red is divine! Lovely for the holidays :)

  5. Salut,

      J'ordonne que quelques pigments de pur luxe, vous sentez-vous que c'est long séjour sur la peau???
      Aimez votre création, votre grand talent?
      Êtes-vous un artiste de maquillage ou tu fais ça Comme une passion?

  6. Luoja mitä värejä, nam! Tuo metalli-oranssi suorastaan huutaa mua ;)

  7. holy shit, it glows in the dark?! I'm always looking for the perfect red colour, really want to try molten and OMG.

  8. This post made me decide to order some samples from pure luxe :)), can't wait for them to arrive xD, so thank you for this helpfull review!
    And i love the LOTD!

  9. I am absolutely in love with this look. I'm totally going to buy all the Pure Luxe shadows now.

  10. Hello there :D Just curious.. what size did you get in the pure luxe colors?


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