Nov 11, 2009


Today I day my LOTD with purple and red, to match my hair, which I dyed red and purple :D

Here's the first version of it:

Then I felt it was missing something, so I added a bit of NYX Glitterati Cream palette glitter on it:


Then I upgarded later to this:

Mäybe not so cool, but anyway.

The I also did my friend's makeup too, so got a black/brown smokey eyes:
The a bad closeup of the makeup:
Colors were much warmer IRL.

Then I went to Emotion, and there was only one Brigh'nBlack Smokey eyes palette left. AND there was an offer, buy Gosh products with 25e, and you'll get a free mascara.
I was in a need of new mascara, so I bought a nude Gosh lipstick, and now I have a new mascara :D

Here's the "haul":


And here's the palette itself. I love how smooth black it is:

And inside it has four colors, matte black, matte gray, really slightly shimmerish light gray and shimmery white:
Here are the swatches:

And here's the lipstick. It's from the Gosh candy collection, number 134, and called Darling:
And I love it. It's just perfect nude. The pic is maybe a bit too light, but I'll give you full face pics at some point, so you can see it better then.

Oh, and I actually really really like the mascara, at least when I did a quick try with it.
I also like the shadow quad, shadows are much better than in the old Gosh quads!

Here's a really quick smokey I made only using that palette (and Gosh mascara!):  


  1. Wow, that Gosh palette is really stunning. And I can't say much about Darling l/s, I'm really in love with it. Haven't seen any bad comments about it.
    Great looks, I like the one where you added the greenish glitter!

  2. Waouuuuuuuuuuu gorgeus as usual! The lipstick with the last makeup must be very nice and glamour! We wanna see the full face ;)

  3. love the lipstick. have the same! I love it!!


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